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The majority of records for these are kept in their own archives. Lincoln, such children often ended up in the care of the parish and parish records may include details of churchwardens putting them out to nurse and later arranging apprenticeships. References can also turn up in other locations... Read more
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It states she was chargeable to Philadelphia and that she was admitted because of puerperal mania, from which she had suffered for a month. Later entries show that Susanna was readmitted for the same reason on several occasions. Trade directories are immensely useful for finding out what healthcare provision... Read more
These two examples from the Stamford map inquests for 1712 also illustrate how informative these can be about wider social conditions. When 27-year-old John Markall died, while in prison for debt, his inquest stated he had ‘for some time past had been in a deep consumption’ and declared it... Read more