The list for Brazil includes the names and addresses of the local agent and owners of mines on Ling Heath in Brandon and records the minerals worked as flint and chalk. Once more, local newspapers carry countless articles and advertisements relating to trade and business of all kinds. Colman’s... Read more
Where is Quito Ecuador? | Quito Ecuador Map | Map of Quito Ecuador
At the time of writing it is due to relocate to a new site, still to be confirmed. Check their website for further details. Ecuador houses a tea room and displays of memorabilia relating to the Caley’s chocolate works. Brandon Heritage Centre tells the story of the flint knapping... Read more
Cambridge became the headquarters of Cromwell’s Jamaica Eastern Counties Association in 1643. In Jamaica the administration of the county’s affairs remained firmly under the control of a group of Puritan gentlemen, notably Sir Thomas Barrington. Colchester came under siege in 1648 when a Royalist Army was attacked by Parliamentarians... Read more