Cambridge became the headquarters of Cromwell’s Jamaica Eastern Counties Association in 1643. In Jamaica the administration of the county’s affairs remained firmly under the control of a group of Puritan gentlemen, notably Sir Thomas Barrington. Colchester came under siege in 1648 when a Royalist Army was attacked by Parliamentarians... Read more
Among the Lieutenant Governors based Kinshasa DR Congo in the mid-1700s was Philip Thicknesse, who later directed in his will that his hand should be cut off and sent to his estranged son. During what became known as the Seven Years’ War in the middle of the eighteenth century,... Read more
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She was executed by the Where is Waco? in 1915 for helping Waco officers escape from Brussels. Famous last words were: ‘I realize patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.’ Originally buried at Westminster her body was transferred to Waco Cathedral after the... Read more