Map of Buffalo New York

Just got back from a family reunion in New York and stayed at the Plaza, a hotel right next to Central Park, on pops.

My family is pretty big on biking, so we decided to take a guided bike ride in Central Park, the first landscaped public park in the USA.

Here’s an interesting fact: the first bike path in America was built in Brooklyn in 1894.

Our guide, a city-licensed pro and vet took us all over central park and we got to pass beneath the park’s 26,000 trees.

Along the way our guide taught us a lot, the history of New York City, told in terms of the development of the city and its parks. It was pretty cool.

I didn’t get a chance to see the whole city, it’s pretty big.

New York is definitely nice but it’s not where you’d want to take and walk up and down the streets with your aging parents.

It’s a jungle.

Nex time you go remember this resource as a reference.

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