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The national capital of India has plenty of things to offer. Right from the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk to theatres that showcase the best in music art and dance. However, if you are travelling to Delhi for the first time without any host to guide you, you might get lost. Also, Delhi is all the more fun when you have a local person showing you everything from their perspective. But, if you don’t have any connections in Delhi, then fret not as you can always make the most of your stay in the hotel. And if you don’t know how, then read on to know more about the tips that will help you enjoy your hotel stay in Delhi.


This is one facility which you will definitely have in every luxury hotel in New Delhi. Spas and rejuvenating massages offered by world class masseuse have become fundamental to every great hotel. And if you don’t plan on going around the city, then you can always head to the spa in the hotel and get you any type of massage. The Roseate hotel in New Delhi has a spa named Aheli. The spas itself are located in serene locations within the hotel and it makes it all the more peaceful. They provide every type from ayurvedic massages to yoga therapy and even the hot stone therapy. Check out the prices for them at your hotel before you make any reservations.

Dining options

In house, restaurant is not only present in every luxury hotel but also any hotel, for that matter. Almost every 5-star luxury hotel in Delhi has a range of restaurants which provide every type of cuisine, right from Chinese to even the local Indian flavours. For instance, The Claridges in New Delhi itself has seven in-house restaurants which include Aura, Dhaba, Jade, Pickwick, Sevilla, Ye Old Bakery and The Claridges Garden. You just have to make the reservations for any one of them and you can enjoy your meal in your hotel itself.


When you have to make reservations to a restaurant or get your laundry done in the hotel, whom do you call? The answer is the concierge staff. They are present on each floor and new your room to ensure that you don’t have any problem with your stay. They will be right at your service the moment you call for them. So, if you want to ask for any service right from setting up your kitchen in the room to booking a car for a tour around the city, a concierge is the one that will help you.

Fitness centre and pool

Everyone is fitness conscious today and many people stay in hotels for an extended period of time. And this is why every luxury hotel will provide you with a gym and an in-house pool. Some hotels also have a sports room where you can play tennis or squash as well. Those like the Radisson Blu, Leela Palace, The Imperial and such others have state-of-the-art fitness centres within the premises.

So, if you are not an outdoor person, then you can always stay in your room and have a great time. However, you will have to ensure that you check out a list of Delhi hotels which provide you with the best services in the house.

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