Detailed Map Of Austria With Cities
The Austrian town of Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut Lake District home to the oldest Salt Mine in the World Before the end of World War I Austria had renounced its empire, so when the independent state of German Austria was established on October 21, 1918 it only claimed German... Read more
Map Of Austria In Europe

Map Of Austria In Europe

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In the 1920’s to counter the left-wing communist right-wing fascism developed in Austria. The Christian Socialists established their own army, known as the Heimwehr (Home Defense Force) to defend Austria from Marxist. The Social Democratic party felt threatened and established their own army known as the Schutzbund (Defense League).... Read more
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In 1867 the constitution known as the December Constitution was adopted granting equality before the law, freedom of press, freedom of speech freedom of assembly and allowed all nationalities in the empire the right to retain their native language. However, the empire was not willing to grant constitutional autonomy... Read more