Solo Travel Safety Precautions
Apart from low air pressure and reduced oxygen, other factoroften contribute to the onset of altitude sickness. For example: • Lack of acclimatisation. • Over-exertion and rapid ascent. • Possible dehydration. • Possible hypothermia. • Existing medical problems. Statistically, few people have ventured to higher altitudes, but from the... Read more
California State University, Bakersfield Todd Madigan Gallery
9001 Stockdale Highway (adjacent to the Dore Theatre), Bakersfield. CA 93301 Tel: (805) 664-2338 Fax: (S06) 665-6901 Internet Address: Director: Ms. Margaret Now ling Admission: free. Established: 1981 ADA Compliant: Y Parking: limited. Open: mid-September to mid-June, Tuesday to Thursday, noon-4pm; Saturday, lpm-4pm. Closed: mid-June to mid-September, University... Read more
Map Of Austria And Hungary Map Of Germany Austria And Italy
Events Leading to World War I (2 minutes) The League of the Three Emperors between Austria-Hungary, Russia and Germany failed due to disagreements over the Balkans. Germany and Austria-Hungary formed the Dual Alliance in 1879 to counter Russia’s influence in the Balkans. In 1882, this alliance was expanded to... Read more