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Visiting Los Angeles is the dream of most people. Around 40 million people visited the city in 2012, which proves that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations

Travelers are dreaming about staying in the most luxurious hotels and visiting the most extraordinary attractions the city has. Gamblers are dreaming about playing in the finest casinos of Las Vegas. It is quite understandable why the city is so popular – it offers a range of entertainments for people of all ages.

If you go to Las Vegas, you will definitely take a walk down the Strip and take some time to admire dancing fountain at Bellagio. You might also want to see for yourself erupting volcano located at the Mirage and even spend a night in glamorous bars and casinos of the city. Las Vegas is the city where you can visit different counties without any plane tickets. Las Vegas can make you feel like you are in Paris as it has its own Eiffel Tower.

It might be hard to explore everything in Las Vegas within a short period of time as the city has so many interesting and unique places to offer. If you are limited in time, you need to make a list of things to do in one of the most incredible cities in the world.

Place a bet in one of the most famous casinos in the world. Las Vegas or Sin city, as it is called sometimes, is considered to be the world’s gambling capital. There is a great variety of casinos to play the best poker games, place a bet or have fun round the roulette wheel. Processional gamblers prefer to play in more popular casinos such as Golden Nugget, Casino Royale and Caesars Palace. However, beginners should be very careful playing with professional gamblers in order not to gamble away. One of the best ways to get ready for a real game in Las Vegas is to have some practice in online casinos. Today you can find a bunch of great online casinos like Ðasinority. Get some practice before heading to casinos of Las Vegas.

Visiting Europe without leaving America. Las Vegas is the place where you can dive into the atmosphere of France and Italy.

One of the most beautiful hotel facades is facade of Paris Las Vegas Hotel owned by Caesars Entertainment Group. The hotel has a replica of Eiffel Tower – a place visited by all tourists coming to Paris. The tower is as tall as a 46-storey building and has a special observation deck. As a matter of fact those who want can get to the top of the tower to enjoy incredible view of Las Vegas. Just like the original Tower, the American replica also has a restaurant located on 11th floor. Today American citizens can easily get Eiffel Tower experience by purchasing tickets to the Tower in advance. It is an incredible possibility for those, who do not have much money and time to go to Paris.

The exquisite Venetian Hotel will take you directly to Venice. The Hotel and its territory were designed like the most famous places in Venice. This is exactly the place where you can visit Piazza San Marco, take a picture on Rialto Bridge, and even take a ride on gondola. Couples are especially enthusiastic about this romantic experience. There are gondolas for four people and for two only. All gondolas are pushed along by a professional gondolier dressed in Italian-style costume.

See the city from the tallest observation wheel. Ferris wheel is believed to be the highest observation wheel in the world. It is almost 168 m high and has 28 cabins for passengers. Just imagine how many people can have a ride on this wheel, considering that each cabin holds up to 40 people. The observation wheel moves rather slowly to provide passengers with opportunity to enjoy the view of Las Vegas. It looks even more impressive at night when all the lights of the city are on. In addition, visitors are can rent the whole cabin for a private ride. It can be a great and romantic opportunity to propose to girl.

Visiting The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower. This place is one of the most luxurious and expensive places in Las Vegas. There is a restaurant with the best and exquisite cuisine, a casino loved by professional gamblers, and incredible and comfortable accommodation. The Tower is another observation place of Las Vegas. Its height reaches 350 m. At the top of the Tower visitors can experience the highest thrill rides in the world.

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