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With the hustle-bustle of the daily life in Mumbai, it is essential for everybody to take a relaxing weekend in Pune or other surrounding cool-off spots. Although the expressway connecting Mumbai and Pune has made navigation around the Khandala Ghat much easier, the straight road is definitely not a gaze-shifter. The only way to liven this drive is by taking multiple food breaks at some of the iconic eateries along this highway as you drive by in the car of your choice picked up from Savaari’s car rental in Mumbai.

1) Shree Datta Snacks Corner The family favourite

Any Mumbaikar will immediately recommend Datta Corner to stop for a quick bite while on this stretch, as it is a family haunt located at the convergence of the NH-17 and NH-4. It isn’t just the location that this eatery is popular for the delicious Maharashtrian food items served at Datta Snacks such as thaali peeth, vada pav, missal pao, kathimbir vadi, sabudana khichidi, kande poher and more are major crowd pullers. Every traveller driving down this highway in a Mumbai-Pune taxiis bound to pull over to have a bite of the mouth-watering vadapav and the red hot chutney that comes with it. Wash it all down with a cold glass of buttermilk or a hot steaming cup of cutting chai’.

2) Joshi Wadewala For the ultimate Maharashtrian food fare

Same as Datta Snacks, this eatery located right outside Pune is quite famous for its food items served in Maharashtrian style. Once again, the vada pav is a hit here as well since Maharashtrians love their spicy vada pavs, come rain come sun. However, it is much easier to grab a bite here if you are in a hurry to drive off since the service is quick and there is always availability of parking space outside Wadewala.

3) Sunny da Dhaba For an iconic culinary experience

There are quite a few travellers who prefer driving in a taxi from Mumbai to Puneon the old highway, instead of the expressway just so they can stop at Sunny da Dhaba for an elaborate meal. Being popular as one of the oldest restaurants on the highway, it is also one of the most iconic culinary spots located in Lonavala. Ensure you start your drive on an empty stomach so that you can binge on the Punjabi food spread. Their legendary butter chicken is to die for and is best eaten with steaming hot tandoori rotis. The Punjabi classics never let you down.

4) Tony da Dhaba For a desidhaba feel

As you drive down the highway in one of the Mumbai to Pune cabs, the driver will definitely recommend this desi dhaba for a meal. It is set in open air and serves generous servings of Mughlai food, along with a cold glass of lassi. With the increasing demand for the different types of poultry served here, Tony’s has become more of a boutique-dhaba’, complete with a curated rustic feel.

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