Why Alcohol Responsibility is Important to Drivers?

Ever since the invention of automobiles, people have been drinking and driving. While it wasn’t as big of a deal then as it is now, there was still cause for concern. In today’s time, most of us know the risks and dangers of drunk driving. If the past had taught us anything about driving under the influence, it’s how dangerous it can be. One wrong turn or drift into another lane can have horrible results.

Knowledge about alcohol responsibility is one way the United States has decreased is drunk driving numbers. It is an essential factor and has taken over three decades to show dramatic results. However, there are still people out there that think even having a few drinks and driving is ok. If you didn’t know the statistic already on traffic accidents about intoxication, you might be alarmed. One-third of the traffic accidents in our country is a direct result of driving under the influence. So how do we lower this figure and have more understanding of the risks and possible punishment that can occur if a person chooses to drink and drive?

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The Foundation for Alcohol Responsibility has been working very closely with the criminal system to put an end to drunk driving. They understand the need for prevention as well as strategies for those that choose to break the law. Since 1997, they have been coming up with plans to address the problem of driving while intoxicated. The Foundation has helped 48 states come up with strategies to stop recidivism. Some individuals choose to ignore the potential pitfalls of being arrested for drunk driving, and others continue to do so even after having a run-in with the law. With the new initiates that are in place, the foundation hopes education on the matter will stop possible offenders. The number one way to control alcohol-related accidents is by prevention. However, there has to groundwork in place for those that ignore preventative measures. It is why the work from the foundation of alcohol responsibility is so important. They have also established that those who do get caught seek treatment and get help for the behavior that has the potential to be deadly.

The Foundation has been working with law enforcement to help those officers better identify drunk drivers on the road and to resolve the problem quickly. It is perhaps one of the education programs for an officer to take because it can solve many accidents from happening. One a person has been pulled over the laws in place will help to deter them from committing future drunk driving.

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