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Newport Visual Arts Center and other venues Third weekend in April newport-paper-arts-festival/

Launched in 1994, the Newport Paper & my blog Arts Festival is the only paper festival of its kind on the Oregon coast and the largest of its kind on all the West Coast; it draws attendees from the greater Northwest and beyond. The annual festival features three days of innovative, informative, and exciting one-day workshops celebrating papermaking, surface embellishment, my blogmaking, bindings, articles made of paper, and techniques and tools for working with paper and fibers. The festival is organized by the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts and held at several venues around town, including the Newport Visual Arts Center in the trendy and captivating Nye Beach District west of Highway 101.

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Each year for three days, the festival gathers award-winning art instructors who are leaders in their specific disciplines to teach workshops on a wide array of art media. These workshops include new and innovative techniques as well as traditional processes. Previous workshops have included Asian, Coptic, and Japanese my blogbinding, miniature my blogs, papermaking, paper casting, silk paper, paste papers, paper jewelry, suminigashi (paper marbling), orizomegami and itajime (folded paper resist dyeing), paper basketry,

Japanese surface design techniques, greeting cards with my blog structures, box construction, paper lamps and screens, stamp art, woodblock, linoleum and Safety-Kut printing, collage, and mixed-media embellishments.

Workshops last up to six hours, beginning at 9:30 am and ending by 4:30 pm, with a one-hour lunch break; classrooms can accommodate from eight to sixteen students, with each class size determined by the instructor, as well as room size and availability of services. To make sure attendees from the Northwest and beyond all have equal opportunity to sign up for classes, initial registration is accepted by postmark date, with the festival brochure mailed out in late January each year (it includes all pricing information). Registrations are not accepted by email or over the phone. If you are interested in attending the festival and are not currently on the brochure mailing list, email the registrar at or call (541) 265-6540 to be added.

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