Quality Hand Tools Essential For Your Travel Toolkit

In the event of an emergency during your travel what would you do? Do you have any tools that you can use to salvage the situation? It is always advisable to ensure that you have quality tools in the travel toolbox that you have in your car. Quality tools are the best as compared to the ‘big set’ of tools that are common in the market today. The big set sophisticated tools may seem attractive and appealing to the eyes but their quality is questionable. It is good that you always go for a trusted brand that has a history of having quality tools.
Some of the tools you will require in your toolkit are:-

Voltage & continuity tester

This is used to test electrical circuits to find out if they are live or safe. The continuity tester is helpful when you want to check in the status of light bulbs and fuses. Anytime you have tasks that require you to handle electricity, this tool is important to ensure safe operating standards. However, a good voltage and continuity tester is one which has passed the high voltage test and electrical safety testing for it will be reliable when handling all tasks and give the correct results.

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Electric Hammer Drill

Let us expound on this tool for a bit.
It is among the crucial tools that should never miss in your toolbox. Its main purpose is to drill holes in different materials. A good electrical hammer drill has the following features:
– Variable speed: as you pull the trigger the drill starts slowly and proceeds to pick up speed as you squeeze every now and then. You will be in charge of controlling the speed and you can use it for drilling and screwing.

– Hammer action: mainly for drilling either concrete or brick
– Reverse action: very important so that you can be able to also unscrew things
Floor Jack
A floor jack is also another tools that you need to have in your vehicle. You can choose to have a scissor jack, bottle jack or a hydraulic floor jack. Getting the best floor jack will come with so many advantages as it help you achieve a whole lot. You will lift vehicles above the ground for changing tires or other routine checks and maintenance.

Set of screwdriver bits

Useful when you want to use less effort while screwing using a drill. It is a very handy tool especially when you have a number of tasks that need lots of screwing. It is important that you do not choose a cheap set of screwdriver bits because they end up getting chewed up. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes hence you can be sure to find the exact kind that you need for your specific task. Many people like a simple set that will be easy to handle without any complications. Getting a well-stocked large set of screwdriver bits will save you a lot of money in the long run. A good screw bit set is one that is packaged with a good screwdriver handle.

A good assortment of tools in your toolbox will enable you handle any job that your may have be it a small job or a complex one.

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