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A few impressions before starting my tour. Bisate Lodge is Rwanda’s most exclusive hotel, located near Volcanoes National Park. The main activity at Bisate is gorilla trekking I’ll publish a separate clip of my SPECTACULAR encounter with the gorillas. Bisate Lodge is located in Rwanda’s northwest. Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali is 105 km (65 miles) or a 3 hour drive from the lodge. The lodge takes care of the transfers. Beautiful Rwandan scenery can be enjoyed along the way. Most of the journey is on an excellent paved road. Only the last miles are on a rocky, volcanic path that requires a 4×4 car.

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Welcome to PHENOMENAL Bisate Lodge. The staff welcomes guests by dancing and singing a song in Kinyarwanda. The lodge enjoys a magnificent hillside setting. It is situated within the remotally located amphitheater of an eroded vole. The exterior is based on the King’s Palace at Nyanza Created by architect Nick Plewman, the lodge’s design is rooted in Rwandan culture. There are only 6 ultra-luxurious thatched villas. They all enjoy views of the imposing peaks of Volcanoes National Park.

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The villa features a vibrant and authentic decor. The interior fuses traditional Rwandan craftsmanship with contemporary design. Emerald green touches are present everywhere. They are reminiscent of the verdant greens of the surrounding rainforest. Many of the furnishings are decorated using “imigongo”. It is an art form unique to Rwanda that uses cow dung and goes back hundreds of years. Eco-friendly toiletries by Africology are provided. Africology is a South African wellness brand. The living room and bathroom have enormous windows. They open to a bamboo balcony with breathtaking views of Mount Bisoke. Dian Fossey is one of my heroes.

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She was the world’s most widely known researcher. Dian lived among the gorillas in Rwanda. She started a war against poaching to save these majestic creatures from extin?. In 1985, Dian was killed in her cabin in Rwanda. Her murder shocked the world, although her killer was never found. The property is not ideal for mobility challenge. The lodge features a lot of stairs (built with uneven volcanic stones). Let’s explore Bisate Lodge’s main pavilion. The pavilion is styled in the same decor as the 6 villas. The main pavilion houses several facilities. This includes the dining room, several sitting areas, and a cozy bar.

The chandeliers are made of recycled glass This follows Bisate Lodge’s commitment to the principle of recycling. Black and white cow hides are often used in the decor. This reflects the rural way of life in the surrounding villages. This includes several iconic properties, such as Mombo Camp in Botswana fl. My favorite Wilderness Safaris ‘lodge1 is North Island North Island Seychelles is the world’s most exclusive and phenomenal resort. The group is building a 2nd lodge in Rwanda. Magashi Lodge in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park will open soon. Akagera National Park is home to the Big Five. All meals are served here or on the adjoining terrace. This is Bisate Lodge’s intimate dining room:. The lodge is deeply committed to sustainability. It focuses on Wilderness Safaris 4 Cs: Commerce, Community, Culture & Conservation. 20,000 indigenous trees have been planted to date. Bisate launched an on-site reforestation project’.

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This resulted in the return of endemic species to the area:. Southern tree hyrax, side-striped jackal and at least one species of genet. Other species also returned but did not settle yet This includes golden monkeys and Cape buffaloes. Some more impressions of the public areas. Here, guests gather in the evening to share their gorilla adventures. The main pavilion also houses a win The cellar’s chandelier is crafted from 358 recycled glass. The main pavilion also houses a wine cellar. The cellar’s chandelier is crafted from 358 recycled glass bottles. Using the freshest ingredients delivered from our Bisate garden.

Pan-fried Tilapia Fish fillets served with a green mango salad . IK Smoky chicken skewers with a tree tomato and corn salsa, guacamole, served with chapati breads. Tea is Rwanda’s largest export. The fertile volcanic soil and temperate climate are perfect for tea production. It’s a great spot for yoga at dusk or dawn. Misty days give the area a mysterious and magical look. Rwanda is known as the ‘country of thousand hills’. Its gorgeous green topography is dominated by numerous mountains.

In 1994, all hell broke loose in this peaceful landscape. Ethnically motivated violence leads to the world’s most barbaric and cruelest massacre. One million people died in the Rwandan Genocide. Families were decimated, communities destroyed, and 2 million people fled the country. Today, Rwanda has risen from the ashes. Rwanda managed to rebuild itself and is now one of Africa’s safest countries. Rwandans are warm-hearted and super kind people. You can visit some of the local villages with one of Bisate Lodge’s guides. Rwandans are warm-hearted and super kind people You can visit some of the local villages with one of Bisate Lodge’s guides.

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