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Amankila is 90 minutes by car from Bali’s airport. Complimentary transfers by a fleet of luxury cars (with WiFi) are provided by the resort. Tour of the open-walled lobby. Amankila opened in 1992 on a hill in Bali’s secluded east coast. The name Amankila is derived from two words. Aman (meaning peace in Sanskrit) and Kila (meaning hill in Balinese) than 25 years old, the resort is still a masterpiece of timele. Amankila was the 3rd Aman resort to open. Although more than 25 years old, the resort is still a masterpiece of timeless architecture. Tuttle is the mastermind behind other Amans as well His portfolio includes Amanjiwo (Java), Amangani (USA) and Amanzoe (Greece).
First glimpse of Amankila’s spectacular pool.

Due to its elevated position, the property affords terrific panoramas of the Lombok Strait. The Lombok Strait is located between Bali and Lombok. It connects the Java Sea with the Indian Ocean. The property cascades down the hillside. The three-tiered infinity pool mimics verdant rice paddy fields. Amankila’s hilltop location is set against Mount Agung Mount Agung is Bali’s highest mountain. Mount Agung is a very active volcano. From time to time, it forces closure of the airspace above parts of Bali. This is Amankila s main restaurant. It’s one of three dining venues on the property.

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It is housed in an open-walled pavilion above the pool. I’ll have dinner and breakfast here later in this clip. Amankila operated at 100% occupancy during my stay. The resort grounds are spread out, so it always feel very tranquil and peaceful here. Aman hotels are renowned for space & privacy. The properties are meticulously designed to frame their natural and cultural settings. A majestic staircase descends from the lobby to the pool. All public facilities are centered around this fortress-like structure. Amankila features several stairs and elevated walkways.

While visually stunning, this may be a challenge for guests that have difficulties walking. Some boat traffic can be observed from the hotel. These ships pass by or wait for admittance to the nearby harbour of Padang Bay. The number of ships was unusually high during my visit. The harbor was closed because of very high swells. These were the highest swells Bali had seen in 15 years. The bay in front of the hotel was used as protected anchorage for a dozen ships. Amankila’s 2nd restaurant is called ‘Terrace’. It is located in a pavilion set back from the main pool. I admit that I am a passionate Aman addi. Each one of Aman’s exceptional resorts is on my bucketlist. I admit that I am a passionate Aman addict Each one of Aman’s exceptional resorts is on my bucketlist. Once you stay at an Aman, you are hooked for life. Aman excells like no other when it comes to service, design, activities and food. People of my kind like to call themselves ‘Amanjunkies’. Our travel plans are determined by the locations of Aman resorts :-). Many celebrities are Amanjunkies. Angelina Jolie, Brat Pitt, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates are all regulars. The library offers a wide selection of entertainment. Books, newspapers, magazines, games and CDs are provided. Have you ever stc If so, what was your experk Have you ever stayed at Amankila?. If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment…

Amankila Bali, Indonesia

Aman resorts are known for their breathtaking pools. Amankila’s fabulous pool is no exception to that. The pools feature six ‘bales’ on the side Bales are Balinese cabanas The pools overlook the beach and Lombok Strait. I will explore Amankila’s magnificent beach club later in this clip Amankila features 33 suites. The suites are reached by a series of stairs and elevated walkw;. The suites are freestanding beach f They are raised on stilts and thatched with alang-alang. All 33 suites come with a private outdoor ter Nine of them have private pools. The suites enjoy ocean or garden views. There are 6 suite categories to choose from. Travel tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes a suite upgrade, daily breakfast, and one lunch (link below this clip). An outdoor living area leads to the suite s entrance. The expansive terrace is furnished with a cushioned sofa, rattan chairs, and a table. The suite features a large bedroom. The space is decorated with inlaid pearl and coconutshell furniture. A couch is located along the window. It can be set up as an extra bed in case you’re staying in the villa with 3. The bed is covered in crisp white sheets.

A canopied kingsize bed takes center stage in the room. The bedroom leads to a spacious bathroom. The bathroom features his/her sinks, a bathtub, and shower. The suite’s design is elegant and timeless. All materials used to build and decorate the suites are primarily locally made. I ne suites don t snow any signs ot ageing Amankila is beautifully maintained despite being almost 30 years old. The suites don t show any signs of ageing. Amankila is beautifully maintained despite being almost 30 years old. The suites don’t show any signs of ageing. Amankila is beautifully maintained despite being almost 30 years. suites will look a bit different in the near future es will be refurbished in the coming year. The bathroom is stocked with high quality toiletries. The toiletries are stored in reusable containers. The shower is located in its own room. The bathtub – located next to the shower – is large enough for two. Are you an Amanjunkie?. If so, what is your favorite Aman resort?. The beach club is set in a lush coconut grove. It’s the best beach club I have ever seen during all my holidays in Bali. You can walk down from the pool to the beach club 24/7 buggy service to/from the beach club is also provided by the resort staff. The beach club features its own restaurant jg. Open for lunch only, it serves salads, pizzas and Indonesian and light Western.

The black sand shimmers in the Indonesian sun It feels very soft under the feet. It feels very soft under the feet. Eight lounging bales are set along the beach. They are well spaced to allow maximum privacy. Amankila’s bay is sheltered. The sea is perfect for swimming. Some more impressions of the beach club. Extensive water sports equipment is provided to all guests. The swells were exceptionally high during my stay. Watching the waves rolling in and breaking on the beach was a spectacular sight. Complimentary afternoon tea is offered daily at the library. Staff in traditional dress supply guests with Indonesian ginger tea, Bali kopi and cakes. Complimentary afternoon tea is offered daily at the libre. Amankila does not feature a real wellness center. Spa treatments are offered in the massage pavilion (a converted suite). A state-of-the-art spa will be built next year. This will definitely enhance the overall wellness experience. One suite is also. converted into a. This fitness pavilion is equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical trainer and free weights. One suite is also converted into a gym. This fitness pavilion is equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical trainer ancnfree.

Amankila is even more impressive at night than during the day. Dinner at Amankila’s main restaurant. The menu includes catch of the day and locally reared meats. Champagne Cooler Champagne, Midori and lime juice 295. Chili salt shallow fried baby squid, green mango and coriander salsa with lime aioli. Prawn bisque, shaved fennel and micro salad, grilled prawn, cauliflower puree. At Amankila we only use the freshest local seafood delivered to us in the early morning on a daily basis. Our live lobster we source from Sumbawa, grouper from Mancar, live mud crab from Sumatra, prawns from Pasuruan, tuna from Singaraja, baramundi from Papua and the macarel and snapper are from our own regency of Karangasem Within the region of East Bali there is a tradition called megibung which translates as “sharing from one platter” it is shared at festive and ceremonial occasions Starting with a Balinese soup, then the megibung platter is presented In the middle of the platter is “nasi tumpeng” a cone of rice which represents Mt Agung, where the Hindu mother temple of Besakih is located Surrounding the “nasi tumpeng” is a variety of Balinese dishes like: 2 hours slow roasted Balinese chicken in palm bark, suckling pig, local fish wrapped in banana leaf, tuna, fish satay, and a array of Balinese salads which celebrates the quality and abundance of food that the island provides. Following the sharing platter.

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