What’s Your Travel Style?

Autumn and cooler weather is just around the corner. If you’re planning your next holiday travels – whether simply a long weekend or an extended vacation – you’ll first want to consider what type of traveller you actually are. It can be too easy to simply book the same type of accommodations you’ve always used or to stick with what your parents or friends enjoy. Step out of your usual pattern by looking at what type of travel suits you the best.

Live Like a Local

For people who truly like to experience the areas they visit, renting an apartment can be the best bet. These home rentals are tucked within typical residential areas, giving visitors a chance to meet locals, trying neighbourhood shops and restaurants, and enjoy the area away from the crowds of tourists. Instead of being confined to a single room like in a hotel or in, these rental apartments provide the freedom to move around the housing, cook meals, and refrigerate leftovers. This can provide huge costs savings while making it easier to customize your travel adventure to get the most out of your stay. The ability to keep your own hours without inconveniencing an innkeeper can result in a more relaxing stay.

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Home rentals generally fall into to two categories. Most are individual apartments or room offered by the owners through online sites. The quality of these homes varies considerably and the online interface can limit your ability to fully investigate the home before you commit to reserving it. Properties are often inexpensive but located in less-desirable neighbourhoods, with less convenient access to transportation, tourist sites, restaurants, clubs, and museums.

Higher-quality home rentals are offered through professional property management companies. These managers will ensure that the properties are properly vented, cleaned, and that everything is in working order for your stay. The ability to contact a manager directly to correct any problems can also play a huge role in ensuring your vacation is enjoyable. In the UK, for example, there are serviced rental apartments in London that are luxurious and located in central London, only steps away from London’s top attractions and top shopping areas.

Advantages: These can be significant cost-savings from hotels while providing additional amenities. Access to a lounge area, kitchen, and, perhaps, even laundry can make a huge difference in your comfort during your holiday. Booking with a professional management company gives you the ability to contact them directly to correct any problems that might arise. If you need anything – extra towels, help with the remote control –your service provider will make sure you have everything dealt with straightaway.

Disadvantages: You’ll be making your own pancakes and scrambled egg in the morning, so either make sure there’s maple syrup at the ready or be prepared to check some of London’s best brekkie joints.

Hotel Posh

Does the thought of room service make your heart beat a little faster? If your dream travel includes uniformed doormen and chandeliers, you might be a post traveller. First class flights, top-end hotels, and designer labels could be your dream getaway. If your budget isn’t quite millionaire- worthy, you can get much of the same feel by splurging on the hotel stay and saving money, elsewhere.

Rather than the biggest names in premium hotels stays, try the smaller, up-and-coming hotels. These types of hotels tend to have lower rates than the better-known 5-star hotels but still focus on luxurious furnishings and excellent customer service. Keep in mind smaller hotels may not have room service or at least not the extensive offerings of a larger property. Check with the hotel before booking and look into the options for having food delivered by third-party services. This could not only be much more economical than ordering room service but provide a much greater variety for you.

Advantages: Easy to book online. The hotel staff is available to answer questions or assist with booking sightseeing.

Disadvantages: Camping out in a fancy hotel could be your dream but remember it will limit your contact with wherever you’re staying. Hotels tend to lack any local flavour and your interactions will be limited to time with the hotel staff and other tourists. Hotel costs also tend to be quite high.

Inn & Out

Are you a small inn, bed & breakfast, or guest house traveller? These small establishments tend to offer a lot of local flavour and a chance to get to know your host family. Theme room decorations are the highlight of some properties, with plenty of quirks and personality. Generally, breakfast is provided, giving you an opportunity to chat with your innkeepers and fellow tourists.

Advantages: More local flavour than a hotel and a chance to chat with your hotels. They may be able to provide additional insights into the area you’re visiting and help plan your sightseeing.

Disadvantages: Limited privacy can be a concern with staying at a small inn. While breakfasts may be provided, you’ll probably need to purchase the rest of your meals, elsewhere, during your stay. Generally cooking your own food is prohibited so expect to spend more time and money eating out during your stay. These types of accommodations are more likely to be of the beaten track. This can mean staying in a less-desirable neighbourhood and more time commuting from your inn to the local sites you want to visit.

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