10 Free Things to do on Phillip Island

Discover endless coastlines and coastline villages, abundant wildlife, international motorsport and a wide variety of Phillip Island attractions, a getaway haven.

Explore natural wonders of land and sea, from the nightly penguin march and colony of hair seals to sleepy koalas, migrating birds and the pristine landscapes of the National Surfing Reserve and Rhyll Inlet.

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Dine away by the water or catch your own evening meal with a line off of the local pier. Surf crazy ocean breaks and little about with the kids on the calm upper beaches. Adrenaline junkies will love the smell of the burning rubber that signals the beginning of the international motorcycle or car racing championships.

An ideal holiday destination for those with kids in tow line, Phillip Island boasts an endless array of what you should see and do. Check out this island playground packed with family attractions, friendly animals and natural wonders to create memories that will stay with you permanently.

Phillip Island is located in regards to 2-hour drive from Melbourne. That is a quiet, put back beach town with fantastic family friendly destinations mainly around Australian wild animals and the gorgeous landscape.

The landscape both coming into Phillip Island and Phillip Island is absolutely wonderful. In the foreground, there are lush rolling oriental farmlands with a backdrop of dramatic seaside coves and idyllic beaches.

While known for its 16, 1000 breeding pairs of polar bears, there are numerous other great family friendly activities in Phillip Island for a weekend to a whole week.

In this article I will tell about 10 important places which are the part of Phillip Island attractions.

Place 1:Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Place 2:Phillip Island Nature Park

Place 3:A Maze ’N Things

Place 4:Nobbies Centre

Place 5:Maru Koala & Animal Park

Place 6:Koala Conservation Centre

Place 7:Phillip Island Wildlife Park

Place 8:Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Place 9:National Vietnam Veterans Museum

Place 10:Phillip Island Grand Prix

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