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We spent this summer travelling around the USA and Canada, experiencing some of the greatest things this continent has to offer. What an adventure it was! And we got it all on camera. We want to take a few minutes to share with you some of the exciting things that we got up to. Here we go! Action. Roll it. Walking down the sidewalk Kicking my feet As I’m moving to the music, step to the beat I woke up today Cancelled all my plans And I stepped right outside with my guitar in my hands And the notes became louder As the sound caressed the air And I kicked it up a notch As I strolled without a care ‘Cause I’m going down the road To a brand new place And I’ll get there with a smile on my face Aloha. I’m Brock. And I’m Jules.

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And we’re here in Boston, Los Angeles, Big Island, Vancouver, San Diego, Washington, D.C. It’s like a little slice of Paris. One of the greatest places On the planet. We have a lot to see and do. Let’s get a move on! Let’s have some fun! Let the good times roll. Oh my gosh, that’s a long way down. This spot here is known as end of the world. Not that far. I don’t know about this. Oh my god. All right, it’s time to conquer some fears. Fears of heights. Let’s head out on the bridge. Ohhh! The bridge is kind of rocky. It’s rocking back and forth. Do not look down. Woo! Here is some homemade strawberry ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Oh my gosh! Ooh, and there’s little Pop Rocks. Mmm. That was incredible. A dream come true. I got to go to a gospel church, and I got to sing with the choir. That was amazing. These are the gingerbread cottages. They’re so cute. I could totally live in this neighborhood. Little Havana.

Calle Ocho. So cool, everyone’s playing dominos. I just got to pet a rhino, my favorite animal. They’re like dinosaurs. This bus takes you on a trip, literally. I didn’t live through the sixties, but this bus made me feel like I did. Okay so we’re just about to step on to the ledge. Oh my god that’s a long way down. I’m 1300 feet above the city. That is insane. We were down. We were holding on to the ladder, and we couldn’t quite spot them at first, we weren’t sure where they were, and then all of a sudden, they were just there. There had to have been at least six or seven of them. They just float around and they have these big huge cauldron mouths, and they came right up to us. There was a manta ray right in front of my face. Right up to my nose. Brock, I had so much fun here in San Francisco with you. Miami sure knows how to have a good time. Maui truly is paradise. We better get some postcards before we leave. I can’t wait to come back. Hi-yah! That’s legit. Having a good time, Keeping it going Clap your hands And won’t you sing along I was taken up high Give our dreams the wings to fly Keep the fire, keep the fire burning Keep the hope alive Keep it turning That’s good. Cheers to a great day. We just wanted to say thank you to travel and everyone along the way who helped make this incredible opportunity possible. We also want to thank you for coming along with us.

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