Cheap Beers And Reggae on Travel

So today is day two. And El Nido we just woke up Abby is gonna be coming across in a few minutes, we’re actually just staying right there that’s our balcony right there, we’re spending about eight hundred pesos a night which is.

I don’t know like twenty two dollars, it’s pretty cheap. And it includes breakfast. So that’s why.

I am here today, we’re gonna rent a motorcycle. And just kind of explore the mainland yesterday we did the island tour. And you can’t really do two Island tours.

And row because, it’s just too much time in the Sun it gets pretty tiring actually just being a Sun all day. So today’s gonna be more laid-back, I’m gonna do a tiny bit of editing get a couple photos up on Instagram. And hopefully a couple vlogs.

So the day we could film a post in the doorway it’ll be called interviews with Christian in the doorway anyways we have spent most of our day sitting across over there we booked flights we figured out our lives. I had to get back to Elfie people turns out fit in the UK alone. I’ve made about $700 worth of sales on my photo.

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So that’s pretty cool travel money is always good money. And, I’m still waiting to hear back how much. I’ve made on sales in the US which.

I think even higher. So, I’m pretty excited about that unexpected money, we’re definitely over budget a little bit with a lot of our traveling especially with us going to Japan now really expensive for ten days. I think, we’re spending about an over $600 plus flight.

So, it’s going to be almost $1000 or just 10 days but how often do you get to be out in a shop. So, it’s gonna be worth it laura’s can you leave me alone vlog in peace anyways guys we need food, it’s like 2:30. And we haven’t eaten, we’ve just had coffee.

So, I’m kind of like twitching a bit he’s fearless warriors have set out on their adventure to find tacos, we’re going to a Mexican restaurant, I’m sweating. And starving but, I’m having fun we got two burritos or. I got a burrito she got two tacos that was like the best meal.

I’ve had in a while that was. So good if you guys are interested, it’s called Lonesome cara boa lounge, it’s Mexican dishes though. I got the burrito Abby got the tacos.

And I’m so full. I I can’t say that often after a Southeast Asian meal like normally they have really small portions but for boat.

I don’t know eight dollars. So it was like a bit more expensive but totally worth it such an amazing meal. So if you ever nonito check it up well.

I just pointed out that they actually have a Bible verse here which is a Bible verse. I recognize it basically says whoever believes in God she’ll have you know eternal life she’ll go to heaven but they basically added. And who whomsoever believed in him.

And the El Nido Christ Rock altar. So I guess they believe that this is the altar of God, it’s one of the mountains here which is interesting. I don’t know if they actually directly mean now or maybe, it’s like a loose translation but interesting thank you sir thank you it went from Sun to rain.

So quickly you guys can be my vlog. I felt saw my post see you here couple UK’s couple of Nigerians. And big a big turkey.

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