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If you are a lover of Raymond Chandler’s novels, you need to pick up a copy of the Raymond Chandler Map of Los Angeles. This handy two-sided map includes illustrations and locations that were inspired by the author’s books. The map is packed with fifty must-see points, including the famous Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the downtown area. The map also features fifteen residences and includes short descriptions and contact information for the places on the map.

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While the city may be known for its relaxed attitude, it also offers cultural and recreational activities for those who want to make the most of their stay. If you’re travelling with kids, the Arizona Railway Museum is a must-see. This historical attraction has trains, artifacts, and railway equipment that kids of all ages will enjoy. Chandler Guide For adults, the Chandler Museum has exhibits on local history and the city’s international growth. You can also see the National Register of Historic Places-listed McCullough Price House.

The downtown area is a quaint, walkable place, with public art and beautiful restaurants and breweries. Downtown Chandler also houses the largest gift shop in Arizona. The Chandler Fashion Center, meanwhile, is a top-notch shopping center with a splash pad, and restaurants and cafés. To the west of the city, you can visit the Phoenix Premium Outlets, which offers up to 65% off popular fashion brands. Aside from the Chandler Map, the city’s downtown is home to many shopping centers.

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