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The Department of City Planning recently released the updated wall map of New York City, showing neighborhood names and boundaries, as well as demographic and economic statistics for each district. The map also features links to area reports.

Those who are interested in learning more about the neighborhood they’re planning to move to can download the high-resolution version of the map. There are, however, some shortcomings to this map.

For example, the New York Times’ housing segregation map is incomplete, and the Department of City Planning’s map is only available in low resolution.

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A New York City guide and statistics app can help you explore the city easily. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you’ll find something of interest in the New York City guide. It’s free, portable, and has recommendations from fellow travelers. And if you need to book a hotel, the app can help you find nearby options. But be sure to download the app before you visit! This way, you won’t miss any important information about the city!

Historically, the East Village was a shabby, poor area for immigrants and young artists. Gentrification began in the late 1980s, but still retains a strong cultural and ethnic component. The East Village is a mixture of ethnic restaurants, coffeehouses, and bars, and some trendy establishments. In addition, the easternmost section of the East Village is called the ‘Alphabet City’.

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