Oh my god boy talk in the morning to you loud horn is here ready to go yo what happened it’s like guys welcome to let’s go.

So the day’s our first full day here in calm Punk. And I just realized. I forgot my Glock Hey look at this our noble steeds they’ve arrived have you written this scooter before yeah anybody oh yeah there was.

I think for a euro for an entire day crazy, and then you got ticketed yep we got ripped off we got caught by the police in Bali, and they find us 1 million Indonesian rupees 1 million dollar which we found out afterwards was a complete ripoff where you’d suck up the gum. I’m a rod till. I die.

And I love it start your engines. I rode tough your horn all right. We’ve arrived this is pretty much how you always get gasoline when you’re traveling around Southeast Asia they don’t really have that many formal gas stations.


I mean I do in big cities. But when you’re on the outskirts you come to someone just like this who has basically just set up their own little pumping station, and you’ll often see it like pop bottles filled up with gasoline on the side of the road all right let’s go.

So we found the cambodian Eiffel Tower, and Ben has. So graciously offered climb up top gets a good view. I’m not scared of the height well.

I mean I respect the height. I’m worried about are we allowed in here.

So we’re about to do something probably that. I wouldn’t put on the Travel Guide of Cambodia. But when life gives you lemons climb a massive cell tower Ronnie is going to get some amazing drone shots from over there we are going to be going up here, and you saw.

I thinking that doesn’t look very safe. But it is. Because we got a cage around you then you can’t fall unless you fall straight down there’s nothing stopping you from that dude.

I think. I’m like probably lessons a fifth of the way maybe even like. I’m 10%.

I was encouraging. So what do you guess how hard we know blame is about eighty feet probably on our feet yeah it’s just pretty health oh dude this is pretty Rio there’s Ronnie’s drone right over there oh my god oh boy get back on to the next location we were up in the tower we made direct eye contact with someone, and then they were on their cell phones. And So in our heads we were like oh crap they’re calling the police.

And I don’t want the police to come here like take my camera gear we got down real quick, and now we’re going to do something much more PG we’re going to go to a local waterfall which is probably only like two kilometers away we have just draw it here at the rapids, and it was about $1 us each to get in. So these are the rapids here, and you can see lots, and lots of local people. I don’t really see any choice actually it’s all local illusion of a friend a friend of mine, and with your self-defense me ah Oh Oh oh we got the coolest ride, and all of combo right here what happens when you export a lot of pepper you can buy nice rides right racing this is like wow that’s cool we’re leaving the rapids now, and trying to find out where the waterfall is.

I believe there’s also a waterfall with the rapids. But we didn’t see it, and like. I haven’t thrown up.

I couldn’t see waterfalls around certain two things as there are none it was all a lie a Mar saw looking great how are the kids we see the train tracks we pull over, and now we’re getting lost we’re going to go explore we’ll see what’s down here it looks like the train track turns into a bridge over the river don’t fall down that’s the only rule here Oh God it’s pretty far down we were reading a post on my blog although Cambodia, and they were saying that Cambodia has the largest amount of amputees out of any country in the entire world, and the reason is. Because of land mines. So during the wars with like the Khmer Rouge, and the Vietnamese there was countless land mines place all around the borders, and even inside of the country.

And So the problem of the landmine is once you set it you probably forget it. And So the ones that haven’t already gone off are still basically waiting to go off. And So every year there.

I forget the number. I think they said every year there’s like a hundred people that lose a limb. Because of these landmines.

So we’re not getting too lost today again that is gold that guy is with his dog on a bicycle that’s where. I want to see myself in five years. I like it yeah the haters will try, and stop you.

But you can’t let them don’t let the haters in take them away downtown walking fast faces pass. And I’m home. So about three hours later the battery died.

And So basically we’re back to the hotel for dinner we had fried rice, and chicken it was 250 per person including one beer. So 750 everyone ate had a beer pretty crazy. I’m going to be switching to the g7x.

Because we’re going out tonight. I have no guarantees as to what that actually means. I have a bad feeling that we’re going to be back here, and probably like an hour.

Because com+ is a bit of a sleepy town. But we will try to find the nightlife robach thursday blogging on the gopro please we’re just digging on the town comfort is there going to even know it hit it what really disappeared. I think they got diggin around the bath at night is young, and there’s nothing open everything’s closed, and it’s like 11:30.

I don’t even know we’re going to get food tonight. Because all the restaurants are closed. But the night is ours to say to the audience not bad odyo lovely tonight there’s a really terrible cases.

I have to say. I’m really liking the Inca beer probably one of my favorite beers are not in trouble feyza alright we’re back on the road what are we doing now go ahead, and not come to the club. I don’t know if you can go out a club, and that’s the end of the broad even the dog that is diving, and let’s go again you.

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