Hey guys it is 6:30. I woke up nice, and early at 5:30 Todd a little word goat, and now. I’m getting ready to go get some breakfast before going to Vietnam which.

I’m not supposed to be going to get all right let’s go get some free breakfast okay. So the breakfast selection is just as good as last night’s dinner selection oh my gosh there’s. So many good pastries here croissants little danishes you get a croissant just devoured breakfast it was one of the best practices.

I’ve ever had Poldi anyways Hong Kong it’s been a blast. I didn’t plan to stay here. But wasn’t bad timmy was hedgerows down, and up himself alright.

So I was waiting for my plane testing out the new camera. And I’ve still got a lot of learning to do but I finally figured out some of the settings pre stoked about that.

And I’m boarding my plane now going to Ho Chi Minh City, I’ll be there in probably like two hours, and then another one hour flight to Bangkok, I’ll be landing in Bangkok by like 1:00 p.m. their time.

So I don’t know what. I’m gonna do today but. I’m meeting with a friend who.

I went to school with in Bangkok later tonight, and we’re gonna go out. So it’ll be really fun the we are definitely in Asia now it’s so much hotter to feel the humidity soldiers checking in for flight, and we literally might miss it again it might you might be stuck in Vietnam.

Because the transfer was only 50 minutes, and we had a five minute delay on the runway, and now they’re saying that they were not accounting for us to come too soon honestly it’s just a mess. So we might be stuck in Vietnam waiting for the next flight to Bangkok hopefully they figure it out they just let me through. But my bags will not make the flight.


So they’re going to be delivered like four or five hours later this sucks like. So annoying what better way to get to your plane than a bus on to Vietnamese Airlines it’s literally like being in a toaster is. So hot right now flight is being rescheduled due to technical difficulties the reason for the last it’s working now we were sitting on the tarmac it’s so fun the worst travel experience when they said we’re having technical difficulty. I’m like up for all right guys. So we just landed in Thailand the transit day from hell hopefully has come to an end however my bag might not be here welcome to Thailand.

So tracking down my bag is going to be an absolute nightmare Thailand, and Southeast Asia in general is the land of delegation like nobody will help you. But everyone will tell you who else to go talk to, and literally. I go talk to the peg.

I tried to go talk to the baggage guy, and he’s asleep at his desk Cathay Pacific. I paid a premium to fly you you lost my luggage, and you made me 18 hours late to get the Bangkok. I am not very impressed we are finally through customs through security no bag over here getting in a taxi going into Bangkok.

I’m so so tired of this Kathy Pacific Oh God. I’m on the driver’s side alright guys despite all the BS despite having a flight that took me about 30 hours to get here despite losing my bag.

I could not be happier. I feel this is. So nostalgic for me this is very close to where.

I was staying in Bangkok look at this. I miss this so much like.

I loved Bangkok it feels like a second home for me. And So to be here. I’m like a five minute walk away from where.

I’m staying today my old place. And I couldn’t be happier to be here. I’m.

So so excited. I’m over the moon Oh see this is Bangkok walking on the side of like a highway it’s all chill here look at where the sidewalk starts behind the barrier you literally have to like illegally cross the road to get to the sidewalk but. I’m okay with it.

So my place is like down here it’s a little bit sketchy this is the intersection. I would use every day before going to school, and there’s no stop sign there’s four ways five ways of traffic coming in through here people just kind of nudge their way through it’s craziness, and there’s a street vendor selling fresh pineapples hello this is right before the alleyway where. I turn into where.

I used to live. And So every single day when I went to school.

I would take this road here. I would take my bike. I bought a bike at the time you guys watch my older blogs you’d know that.

So I was actually living in Bangkok going to school it’s like the best time ever feels. So good to be home this is the alleyway that. I used to come down every day feels.

So good to be back okay all this development is new that looks like a new place to eat. Because this is have English menu meaning they have English menus. And I you see here all the time we sell street food, and they sell beer, and this is where.

I would sit get pad thai, and just right there is where. I used to stay. I made it alright guys.

I have checked in to none SI residents, and again this is where. I was staying when I was going to school, and this rental unit that.

I’m in now is very similar to what. I had, and my balcony was overlooking the pool instead of a park aid. So it’s just definitely not one of the nicer units.

But this is where. I was staying. So this is the kitchen which turns into the bathroom, and that’s the shower yeah it’s pretty basic.

But it did the trick, and what was really cool is all the other exchange students lived here as well, and we would always go out together, and downstairs is where we’d get Pad Thai we get red curries made all sorts of good stuff, and meals were probably the equivalent of like three dollars three, and a half dollars, and it’s not the cheapest you can get in Bangkok. But they were really good meals. I honestly though it just it feels like.

I’m home like it feels like. I’m on my second home. I just called the airport, and my baggage arrives at 6:30 it’s like 6 o’clock now.

So realistically they won’t be able to get it to me until like 9:00 at the very earliest. And I can’t even count on it. So I’m gonna have to go buy some jeans or some shorts or something.

Because I can’t go out the way. I’m dressed right now. I’m meeting with a friend, and we’re going to a club of some sort or like a rooftop bar don’t really know what.

I’m up to tonight. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun, and hopefully. I get my bag back soon.

So all my batteries are dying. And I need clothing. And I need toothbrush.

So reality sets in this has been my biggest concern about daily blogging in Southeast Asia let me show you something see that right there that is the amount of time required to upload my blog that’s just the truth about Southeast Asia it’s very very difficult to find reliable internet. I hope you guys will be understanding throughout the next three months as. I travel if.

I don’t get a blog of every day just know that. I’m doing my very best to do. So.

But again it’s not always gonna be possible oh good it’s now 1,500 minutes remaining it’s going up you guys. I found my calling become a party Butler that could be me fun flexible part-time alright. I’m just gonna head downstairs.

And I will show you guys where. I used to eat. I’m meeting Ivana for dinner.

So this is the garage this is where. I park my little scooter, and this is where we would all eat. I just hate this is Ivana no now.

I just yeah we just say Pat suck. I’m having a good at Tyson’s leaving here really. So feels good to be back.

So happy for you, and it’s almost 12:00 now. I still don’t have my bag. So I can’t go out, and sweatpants in a sweatshirt.

I know. I’ve said it already but I am extremely disappointed with the service.

I received from Cafe Pacific it’s not even just the fact that you know we missed our flight it’s the way they’ve handled it or lack of handling they definitely going to be contacting Cathay Pacific’s customer service, I’ll let you guys know what they have to say. But yeah alright it is 12:35 literally piece of crap my bag is here thanks for tuning in to Christian LeBlanc’s blog give my stupid friggin backpack it’s my stuff arrived we’re going out. I’m going out with Uganda together all right.

So we left the club, and 7-eleven is the this is where you get everything this is Yvonne Yvonne. I want to be my post here in my post now 7-eleven sells everything alcohol these are ready to make sandwiches these things they’re called toasties they’re basically like paninis they’re amazing cold coffee which is delicious it’s full of cream, and sugar. But it’s really really good, and my favorite thing Sean this is my favorite beer in all Thailand.

I got my toasty all right. So I am on toy 11, and it buckled sugar- pretty badly. So we are now leaving the club, and one of the funny things you have to do in Bangkok is actually barter for the taxi stews their meter, and letting Ivana do the sweet-talking.

Because men don’t do as well trying to negotiate with taxi drivers. So they will try to basically say. I want.

So taxi drivers will usually try to barter for fixed rates like 300 baht to get you home when the meter would only cost you 100 or 150 you have to find a taxi driver that’s actually willing to do the meter, and that could be a bit of a challenge. We’ve gone through ten taxis, and Ivana is still trying alright just got back, and you can hear the rooster starting to wake everyone up. Because it’s almost that time.

I turned the air conditioner on right like. I blasted it, and it feels. So nice it’s gotta be at least like 30 degrees outside despite it being like 5:00 in the morning tomorrow we’re going to a big pool party, and that starts like 3:00 in the afternoon but.

I don’t think we’ll get there to like 5:00. But should be really good time. And I will see you guys then goodbye see you in three months see this little thing.

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