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Uh it’s just pretty plain abort what’s up guys welcome to tamarindo beach it’s probably about half an hour away from Lauren’s dad’s place. We’ve actually taken a couple nights off of staying with them, and we’re actually staying at the Best Western Vista villas check out our beautiful beach view suite her.

We’ve got this incredible massive living room. I think Katie’s going to be sleeping here in there is the other room, and my favorite part of the entire place is definitely this right here check out that incredible view up there Sam sir this is tamarindo beach it’s probably one of the busier beaches. We’ve got in Costa Rica earlier today we started off our day by rule number one of CrossFit tell everyone you do process Abby.

And I go to a coffee shop finish up some client work finish up a blog. I got an amazing vanilla latte all right both sister all four days she has a lot on the way yeah maybe we did CrossFit this morning we didn’t diner Friday not to the coffee shop or an ID in her own little cross new routine so. We’ve taken Katie’s krops Network up in the morning.

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I have 60 pounds when I’m looking above my head with these squat got to do that night time followed by 35 rope skips you do that ten times in a row, and you end up looking over 20 like this look at that app definition let’s see nice, and Lotus left fall looking good if you’re a vegan, and a crossfitter which one do you say first, and now we are reading the beautiful sunset here on Chalmers of each probably only like 20 minutes left till sunset this has been a really really chilled out day, and later tonight we’re going to be checking out the nightlife who’s not with Tom Rando is very well known for this is a bit of like a spring break town a getaway town great coffee shop awesome restaurants, and supposedly really really good night like the currently here is :. But apparently pronounced mamonas US dollars also taken on par, and they prefer the US dollar food is actually not as humid Southeast Asia it’s pretty similar to prices that you’d see in America for dinner we probably dropped like 110 dollars for the five of us a couple nights ago beers are going to be anywhere from three to five dollars at a bar.

So it’s not cheap. But you know you’re paying to be close to North America writing announcement. I know there’s a lot of you who do aerial photography aerial posts.

And So I’ve actually partnered with being do a big giveaway to enter use the hashtag Bing we’ll be able to track your photos using that, and they will absolutely selecting the soft repose they’re giving away thousands of dollars worth of flight drones, and other awesome accessories, and gadgets. So make sure to check out the giveaway. I have a link down below if you want to get more information on that, and you can actually submit directly for their big swings, and hopefully it lands in some author prizes we were literally just on the beach about a five minute walk down that way an equally beautiful view is just up here here’s our view of the pool we got the like the prime spot in the hotel YUM hi yes we are just attached to the Best Western is a crazy monkey which apparently is the place to be on a Friday night who’s gotten ourselves with the whole vodka tonic.

But what is it great-aunt attract the most fearless leaders lead us into the city of Tamarindo. So this right here is the local beer in Costa Rica its Pilsen. I really like it right now we’re walking back to the Best Western.

And I’m going to cut screening the next day a three section after ending the blog. I walk under a tree. I feel something land in my hair.

I swipe away a bird just defecated on my head good night guys alright. I am back from the essential back to blogging on a GoPro the main reason is. I just dropped my g7x in the gym, and now there’s like all sorts of weird stuff on the sensor.

I’ve got to send it in to get fixed. But today’s blog is brought to you by the handy-dandy trusty GoPro who’s ready to have some fun no all right. So we’re going out of public, and we’re back doctor where we started here at tamarindo beach, and apfel, and right now we’re heading on our first stop not sure where it’s about the 50s.

But it’s basically like the Magic School Bus infused with a lot of, and miss Frizzle is business prison destinations look clusters all right. We’ve deserved it anybody let you know ya gonna meet up we’re leaving from the birthplace, and a lot of fun. But we got it let’s go marita staying in Costa Rica is pura vida, and it means Pure Life now.

I don’t know how this relates to getting drunk at 1:00 in the afternoon second destination things could definitely get sloppy here pretty quick business Peter you guys. I had a Peter Peter thought is organizing entire event how I got the exact same sure to them Chris Wragge they have blocked on their money like horse camp orders right now it’s beautiful weather not too hot.

But still alive one more stop accident check this out. So beautiful all right if you fall cannonball like try to land on your back throw to do all what Wayne abort this is going to be our sunset spot check this out right here you guys aren’t amber endo, and you’re looking for something to do in a Sunday, and you want to meet people come to the tamarindo beach, and Pub Crawl it’s so much fun.

So I don’t know if it’s just me comment if you’re like this too. But whenever. I have a truly beautiful moment.

I like to like separate from other people. I like to be on my own. Because it allows me to like internalize what.

I’m experiencing, and tonight sunset has been absolutely phenomenal. I found myself a private little part of the beach here. I walked off, and a lot it is just.

So pretty here the sunset right behind that cliff over there, and today is actually one of our last days here in Costa Rica we have a couple more nights. But our next stop will bring us somewhere equally is beautiful somewhere. I like to call home.

And I’m really excited to show you where that is the Sun is still clipping with the clouds there. So it’s keeping that old it up it’s absolutely incredible. I’m ready to get my buck here let’s go Jenna doesn’t system was up the thing were they like it literally got my butt kicked guys if you come into Tamarindo go to Pacific wave CrossFit okay owners are so so cool, and that’s like the best workout you’ll ever get for an hour you are just like balls to the walls that a perfect. I don’t know about we. I was throwing balls on the wall.

So it is appropriate. But we have just packed up we’re leaving the BEST WESTERN vista villas here in Tamarindo been unbelievable stick, and now we’re getting picked up by Abby’s dad we’re heading back up a little further north, and back to their condo the Abby. And I were doing some surfing fair to say we got totally pitted bros.

I cut my foot open smackle it cool back job down step kid it’s so created like that the definition of pitted bro it was fun though. I gotta say.

I need an instructor like this is not one of those things that. I can just teach myself. I originally thought I’d be able to get away with it just pick up a board, and surf.

But has not gone as planned. I’ve been like three or four times now. And I just like.

I can’t do it. I don’t know what’s going on. I need someone to tell me how to get on the board you’re a surfer comment down below what’s like the number one strategy to get on the board, and ride.

Because I keep getting to the point where. I’m on the surf. But then I just fall off the board like. I’m on my knees. And I don’t have any power to get up, and not been good.

So mister scruffles over here has definitely found a corpse there’s something down there it looks pretty innocent. But we like to thank you very solid you like just kind of weird next stop China okay MA now right there folks power of teamwork take the bait shake, and bake what are you doing baring you oh you’re waking the neighbors digital poster but I don’t know.

I don’t know how much longer. I’m going to be doing daily blogging, and it’s not going to mean a whole lot of change for most of you maybe just a bit less frequency higher quality, and you know blogging when I think it’s really worth logging getting really challenging to push those daily content, and get excited about that, and right now.

I’m definitely balancing a lot of other side projects that. I’m really passionate about, and it’s not possible to do everything at once. So the daily blog may be modified a little bit it’s like a semi daily blog Earth may be moving into like every second day.

But will be our next series starts tomorrow we’re heading off to our next exciting destination you’ll find out where it’s very not right. I can deal with the front walkover wait here all right go real the past week has been unbelievable. I’m not going to pretend that.

I’ve seen Costa Rica. Because we literally scraped the surface this was more of like a family vacation relaxation stay, and it was perfect just for that. But having been here now.

I know that. I need to come back. I’m very excited that there’s so much more to be seen here it’s a very beautiful country it’s not cheap kind of like Panama, and what. I assume probably most of central South America it’s not like going to Southeast Asia the prices are pretty similar to being in the u.s.

Maybe a little bit cheaper the beauty here is next-level, and, I’ll definitely be coming back to very very soon the Sun has just set time to go sighs let’s get off you.

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