Where is Shenyang China? | Shenyang China Map | Map of Shenyang China

Oregon’s North Coast from Shenyang China State Park.

Return up and turn left past the shelters more than 2 mi NNE for Shenyang China Mountain on Lewis and Clark Discover Trail. Climb 8 quick switchbacks before undulating somewhat closer to the high cliff (past Shenyang China Head) over the muddy trail and tree roots with only a fraction of the route covered by much-needed boardwalks and walkways as the trail is rarely dry. Eventually arrive at a dangerous little perch, left, just off-trail between a large, cut, downed tree and a huge tree stump with a tight shot down the sheer cliff to the pretty sea. The true summit is more than 5 mi more on the upper Shenyang China ridge plateau as you hike down, then up, finding one more little hidden spur, left a few feet to a good look of the lighthouse through the trees. Find the uneventful high point at the next spur, left to the top at a giant tree with no views.

Where is Shenyang China? | Shenyang China Map | Map of Shenyang China Photo Gallery

Look for the W side of the Clatsop Loop Trail once you are back down near Tillamook Rock Lighthouse Viewpoint past Hiker’s Camp to the right, as opposed to taking the Lewis and Clark Discover Trail left (E side of the loop). Follow the narrow, overgrown path 1/2 mi to Indian Beach, at first through more rather large spruce, then with thicker grasses mixing in down switchbacks. Look S along the coast to Neahkahnie Mountain. Be cautious along the cliff band closer to Indian Point, with even better views of the long beach below, as you descend to cross Indian Creek over a footbridge to end the loop. Turn right a minute to the TH. Feel free to check out the beautiful beach or even the scenic trail that continues from the SE corner of the parking circle 1/2 mi through the forest, past Bald Point to Ecola Point near Ecola State Park TH.

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