Hey guys today’s blog is entirely about packing.

So it’s a bit of an unusual blog f is like 10 o’clock at night. And I’m going to be on a plane in like 14 or 16 hours. So I need to get packing, I’ll show you guys when.

I’m bringing with me to start. I have two bags. I’m going to have my big backpackers bag that will go on my back, and, I’ll have my front-facing backpack, and that’s where, I’ll keep my valuables like my passport my camera’s my laptop all the good stuff.

I also have Santa’s Little Helper here today she’s not being very helpful let’s get started. So this is my big backpack that. I brought with me to eat the last time.

And We’ve been through a lot together this is my little tiny front-facing backpack. And I don’t actually remember the exact sizes. But enough.

But just buy anything Amazon sells really good back pocket everybody there for like 200 bucks Kyrgyz off copies backpack, and went cheap out my number one recommendation is to get a backpack that has this. So not only can you put stuff in here. But you can also lay your bag flat, and then unzip it, and that way you can actually see what’s in your backpack without pulling things out every time that’s my number one recommendation it’s a huge difference 10 no time we recommend also it doesn’t hurt to get a backpack with a bit of support.

So mine has a bit of lumbar support, and hip straps here’s basically the key if you want to cut to the chase, and you don’t watch my post don’t bring anything by it over there okay guys when I say to add to that. So even if your girl if you’re going to be in Thailand especially Bangkok for a few days there are.


So many cute robbers, and dress. So this is an essential bring your ed hardy pink hat he’s like. I don’t even know where.

I got this alright. So here’s the strategy get together a pile put it all in one spot Abby get ready, and then get rid of half, and get rid of half of it do you don’t need it. But be a bit more selective alright.

So I brought the pile from my room to the. And I like to separate it. So that you at least see all your stuff in one place you’re not confusing things that you have no chance of bringing, and from here.

I went through the consideration pile, and things that. I was definitely going to bring. I brought it to a table.

So from here. I’ve basically organized the gist of what. I’m going to be bringing.

I’m going to be bringing two pairs of dress pants, and bye dress pants. I mean a pair of jeans, and a pair of these joggers. So stuff that you can wear out go to the club you could wear it on the bus it’d be a bit warmer whatever it may be it’s good to have at least one pair of pants in addition to that.

I also have sweatpants one pair of sweatpants is probably going to be a good idea as far as shirts go. I have six shirts in total seven including this one. So I’ve got three pairs of singlet.

So these little sweatshirts whatever you want to call them singlets that’s what the people in new zealand call them. I don’t know we call it singlets anyways the sleeveless shirts what. I also really like is this here.

Because let’s say you’re out in the Sun, and you got burnt it’s nice that the option to wear something that still breathes really well. But covers your entire shoulder. So on days where.

I got burnt. I usually wear this. So that brings me up to four shirts.

I also have these three t-shirts they’re just basically H&M plain shirts you can bring whatever. But a total of seven shirts for my shorts. I have one pair of swim trunks here two pairs of swim trunks.

Because if one gets wet then you want to have an option. And I also have to a flat extorts these are Lululemon shorts they’re really really good it’s nice to have a pair of versatile pants that can be pulled off as like semi casual or workout whatever, and even this might be too much. But right now.

I’m having a hard time deciding which pair to leave behind. So I might bring all four one thing. I recommend is bring at least one long-sleeve shirt this will be good for getting on buses or planes where they blast the air conditioning, and it actually gets really cold in addition to the long-sleeve.

I’m also bringing one hoodie basically just like a sweatshirt, and this one here is a very very light athletic sweatshirt. So kind of like a windbreaker. I’m gonna bring two hats you can definitely just bring one.

But yeah. I’m gonna bring this beater hat, and the one that’s a bit more stylish even though not from LA. I think it looks pretty cool.

I’m bringing seven pairs of boxers don’t really need to show you them. But here there. And I’m going to bring seven pairs of socks.

So I’m going to bring like one or two dress socks just for like when you’re wearing your pants, and then. I’m also going to bring five pairs of just basic white socks this here is a travel hack. I highly recommend you get a drawstring bag this is great for when you’re doing day trips.

So let’s say you’re going down to the beach, and you’re leaving your hostel or you’re leaving your hotel this is. So so good. Because you can throw your cell phone your wallet your passport in here, and have it on you very conveniently.

Because you don’t want to lug around a big backpack all the time, and the best part is you can fit it in anything always bring a drawstring bag, and your life will be better that is pretty much all my clothing that. I’m bringing. And I’ve eliminated those from the consideration pile also going to keep her in the consideration pawel decide if.

I keep hearing on go over here just kills till today. I couldn’t get my hair dyed blue. Because my hair is gonna break off.

So no Abby really want to have blue hair. But now she’ll get long extensions with blonde hair. So I’m really excited about that.

I wanted blue now. I’m gonna put all those things into my bag, and then after that let’s move on to my electronics bag my valuable bag the bag that. I will basically never let out of my sight the whole trip let’s pack this bag some of you are probably thinking do the strategy for packing your bag not really the reason being.

I can unzip my bag like. I said earlier, and grab anything without pulling everything out. So again make sure you get a backpack that can unzip horizontally it’ll make your life.

So much better okay. But generally speaking. I’m going to throw the things at the bottom of the bag that.

I know. I will need immediately Jeanne’s these are also heavy items problem investor just bottomed the bag look at this. I have.

So much room in my backpack it’s a thing of wonder there’s probably 50% of my bag left over. I packed quite nicely efficiently effectively. And I have tons of room to buy stuff while.

I’m abroad perfect. So with the extra room that. I had in my main backpack, I’ll normally keep my less expensive gear that is heavy or can get stolen.

And I wouldn’t be devastated. So stuff like a tripod maybe chargers cables handles, and selfie poles whatever you need that if it got stolen it wouldn’t really matter what’s going to go in here. I will show you it wouldn’t be what’s in my bag post without organizing everything into a giant display on a table.

I’m going to show you guys what are the main pieces of Technology that. I am bringing with me abroad. So this is my workhorse MacBook Pro 15 inch it’s going to be doing all my editing, and basically my life revolves around this.

I got a gorilla pod it’s just a really versatile tripod. So this is actually hero4 silver. I’m not bringing this GoPro is sending me a hero4 black, and they’ll have to send it to me in Thailand.

Because it did not arrive on time these are chargers chargers this is an ND filter if there’s too much Sun it helps reduce the amount of Sun that goes into the camera lens this here backup batteries for my GH for backup batteries for my canon g7x the camera right here that. I’m using for blogging all my cameras. I put 64 gigabyte memory cards inside of them this here is my iPhone 6 64 gigabytes unlocked.

So if you’re going traveling unlock your phones that’s how you can get really cheap phone plans for as cheap as $10 a month $15 a month roughly, and that’s unlimited texting unlimited data all the good stuff that you need get your phone unlocked that’s how you travel with a phone, and this here is my 14 by 140 zoom lens. So it’s a really great lens it’s a 3.5 to 5.

6 aperture. So it’s definitely not the best for low light gives me a huge amount of options for shots with the amount of zoom that it can do put the cap back on, and this here is the beast that. I will be learning how to shoot as.

I go. So I’ve been using it a little bit. I still am not quite familiar with a real camera.

So it’ll be fun to learn how to use this. But this is my gh4. And I’m really excited about this.

Because it’s going to shoot amazing 4k, and amazing slow-motion for my headphones. I just use these both in here, and then that’s pretty much it. So yeah.

I’ve got three cameras going a gopro hero4 black canon g7x my gh4 my laptop, and my phone, and that’s basically how. I’m going to manage my workflow with all the big files that’ll be shooting. I’m going to be uploading everything to this two terabyte hard drive, and that’s actually how.

I managed to have all these files on the go. So yeah you guys have seen my clothing you’ve seen my equipment, and that is how I pack for Thailand.

So I’m pretty much ready to go now really exciting. I am going to be in the air in no time. So my blogs.

I know this is the one downside of leaving right there her. But it was so much harder last time last time.

I was leaving for two months, and now that it’s only a month feels quite a bit easier we will be reunited in the Philippines. So that will be a lot of fun the bag is almost ready to go, and this bag is all ready to go. I’ve got to say.

I am much more prepared than. I was last time last time actually had quite a bit of stuff, and it was you know pretty tiring to carry it around another couple random tidbits you should get wall adapters in advance plugging in your electronics when you get to another country a lot of countries have different wall plugs. So be prepared for that, and Asia in particular you need to buy a sunscreen beforehand otherwise you’ll pay like three times more when you get there.

I mean it’s not imperative. But it definitely helps save a bit of money two hours later. And I’ve got bag one bag two.

I’m ready for Thailand. I’m also ready for sleep. I have to get up pretty early in the morning.

I want to go to the gym it’ll make the day on the plane a lot easier. If I’ve gotten a good workout in but I know in the morning it’s going to be pretty rough getting out of bed.

So the sooner. I get in bed the better. And I’m gonna go say goodbye to Abby’s little sister to her mom, and in the morning.

I’m going for breakfast with my parents, and then Abby will be the one dropping me off at the airport anyways till then until tomorrow. I will talk to you guys then, and it will be the beginning of my new chapter in Thailand Philippines. And I haven’t figured out the third country yet.

So it’s going to be an amazing next three months all right guys. I need some sleep see you tomorrow good bye thank. And I got it you’re gonna wear a fluorescent helmet while you’re on your motorcycle at least drive a little recklessly please oh that was sick.

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