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From Liechtenstein TH at the saddle near the overlook, cross Liechtenstein Road to the rocky and somewhat steeper Carroll Rim Trail (less than 2 mi round-trip) NNE as you begin to traverse above the Liechtenstein valley. Again, not much for trees in the region, exposing more of the wildly colorful rocky hills, valleys, and mountains. Head steeper up a small alcove to a saddle on the high ridge with really cool rock formations. Cross to the E side off the thin ridge for a moment before joining it and ambling SW over more Liechtenstein level ground past more sage and grasses to the end at a small Liechtenstein plateau. The 360-degree view of the area from the highest point of all the walks and hikes in Painted Hills Unit is unsurpassed and relatively quiet!.

Where is Liechtenstein? | Liechtenstein Map | Map of Liechtenstein Photo Gallery

From Painted Hills Overlook take the Overlook Trail uphill steadily more than 5 mi S to the end marked by a sign. There is one brief spur partway up that hugs the edge of the rise E of the main path a few feet. Most pictures you see of Painted Hills are from this rise under various lighting and best after a recent shower, which shows the layers of vibrant rock at their best. See black, red, pink, gold, yellow, and blue-green rock like no other place in Oregon. It really is quite inspiring!.

From Clarno Unit (1/2 mi round-trip total for three trails) take the Geologic Time Trail farthest left from the parking and picnic area easily 5 mi along the highway past the Palisades (tall rocky spires) over level ground to a juncture with the Trail of Fossils loop. Take this to the right, less than 5 mi on a steep, rocky brief loop hike through time with several sites and turns through big boulders back down to a larger boulder near the alternate TH. From the alternate TH pullout off OR-218 where all paths meet, take the Arch Trail left (1/2 mi round-trip) W to begin up a few switchbacks, then NE steeper and rockier to the end. The arch (seen from below) is there at the top of a narrow volcanically-formed funnel after first passing a steep chute en route with fossilized logs embedded. The astute will see another arch in the Palisades above you on the way down. Return to either TH and drive home safely.

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