How to Travel in Koh Tao

Getting our PADI in Koh Tao

Hey guys you’re on my blog say hi everyone in Abby’s audience. And hey everyone say hi to Paul Paul’s from Canada we are still together ABC.

And, we’re going to come on they’re not koh-lanta put tiles together. So he’s gonna be traveling go here for the next seven weeks Paul here brought his GoPro pulling off the GoPro manual but look at that he’s got a GoPro manual right here cuz. I know this one hour later we made it after being stuck in the airport for like five hours you’re finally getting on the stupid bus.

And going a stupid island with some good friends. And we have arrived drop out of that sky after a really long day of traveling around, we’re finally here we took a flight. So that we didn’t have to deal with the long travel day.

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And then ended up having an equally long travel day as we flew to the wrong Airport last night we went out we didn’t got some buckets went to the beach hung out it was actually really really fun the music was. So good. And there’s.

So much nightlife here in hotel. And this morning, we’re starting at patty course. So, I’m meeting them there cuz, I’m already a bit late.

I kind of slept through my alarm a bit but, it’s not too big of a deal because everything’s like really laid-back. And just kind of there’s like an expression called Thai time it basically just means that nothing really starts on time, we’re paying about just under $400 to do this dive course at the end of it. So, it’s three days, we’re gonna get our fold patty license which means we can dive anywhere in the world.

And they also give us accommodations we just got inspired by Patty post we are doing our in-class knowledge we just passed the first three modules in like two. And a half hours.

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