All right. So I’m just checking out of the good time beach hotel hey you guys are coming to hotel. I highly recommend you go to the good time Beach Hotel everyone was super nice the facility is really clean, and it’s like the best location in go tell my scooter is still here thank goodness it’s kind of scared someone’s gonna steal it cuz that’s like the smartest scam ever like rent someone else scooter, and then steal it, and charge them the value of the scooter.

But it’s still here cuz. I’m happy we’re heading into a coffee shop here. I need to get a blog uploaded it’s been like two days.

And I need to get editing on today’s blog not a bad place to work on my post good times beach hosta was. So great. I got to meet a lot of people.

But tonight. I feel like a little more relaxation. So I’m going to stay here.

So I am going up a notch today wanna be in my post no you want to be my post just checking in to the band’s diving resort. And I’m staying in their accommodations tonight let’s take a look as. I’ve said earlier hotels the place to get your Patty.

And So there’s a bunch of people right there doing their practice underwater in the pool there. I’m just checking into the hotel, and golf cart is gonna drive you there that’s service right there oh very nice. So I am on the top floor on one of the further units, and this is where.

I’m staying. I got the jungle behind me. I got a pool what more could you ask for come on in guys oh look at that got the fantasy suite for one tonight cannot wait to crank the AC sprawl out on my bed, and start charging things in all my outlets.


Because now. I have more than one outlet alright guys welcome to Christian LeBlanc cribs let me give you a little room tour alright. So here you can lay down there’s like alright let’s do it.

So as you see here a very minimalistic concrete walls although that got a shower look at that we got the ropes got the balcony for when. I’m meditating got the doves we got the swans, and we got a catch. But let me show you my very favorite thing about this room hey see.

I’m gonna go for a swim, and just kind of relax for an hour then later tonight not sure maybe go to like a fire show. I don’t know. I’m on an island.

I’ve no agenda. I can’t have my like cluttered. I’m a ghost chili danced just felt like an hour by the pool super relaxing but.

I realized. I need it. I named him this is one the Swan, and this is his ugly brother Leroy not doing.

So well get well soon. I’m just leaving my place here. I’m gonna go get some lunch.

I’m starving feeling like some fried rice, and chicken okay. I don’t know what that this thing is. But it’s right my way it’s scary what is it definitely has wings alright just gonna get a cheap little Thai lunch fried rice, and chicken the go-to, and a bit of editing, and check out this banana shake.

So good. I’m putting out now. And I’m actually going to meet with a buddy who.

I met last night at the pub crawl, and his name is Matt. So you’ll meet him look at this view. So we’re going to look at a point the same one house that yesterday we’ll be seeing the sunset from the viewing point take a look.

So we watched the sunset from the viewpoint, and it is paradise see wrinkles how it’s so incredible you guys ever come to Cattell make sure you come to the lookout point here it is it’s John Swan lookout point check it out we’re now back in the diary beach hotel area, and we’re going to go to a fire show tonight have a bucket just kind of relax a little bit, and we’re gonna grab some dinner right now other than that just going to enjoy my last night in hotel before. I go to Koh Samui tomorrow this looks exactly like grumpy cat by gum pica alright guys.

I just got back to my hotel, and tonight was really chill me, and Matt just kind of went walked around walked through the beach watched some fire shows, and now. I’m back at my hotel. And I’m going to go to bed it’s only like 9:30 maybe 10 o’clock at the latest.

But tomorrow. I’m catching a 9:30 a.m.

Ferry going to go some way really hoping. I don’t get motion sick again. Because that was horrible, and this time is gonna be a two-hour ferry instead of a one-hour.

So for tomorrow. I’m going to cool some away. And I’ve got a buddy who lives there he actually was in the same fraternity, and university as.

I was. But yeah it’s gonna be an awesome opportunity to have someone who knows the island will show me around, and just catch up with them. So you guys with me Adrian tomorrow.

I hope you guys have been enjoying my Thailand blogs. I know. I’ve been really enjoying it.

So nice to be back here, and tomorrow’s gonna be another great day. So see you guys then have a good night good bye Cambridge Jim Boston listen wow she’s a. I’ve come from.

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