Alright guys it is the morning 9 a.m.

We are doing an early morning dip here in the pool, and our hotel actually pretty nice last night was actually so much fun we went to aura, and where as an amazing Club everything from like the atmosphere to the music they actually had live drums. So they had like DJ playing plus they had a guy come on set, and play the drums in person it was amazing now it’s time to go swim in the pool, and it is raining outside right now it’s a rooftop terrace here overlooking Robson Street the boys in the sauna right now getting all heated up when we last ate in 40 minutes how’s the birthday girl in the party never ends birthday week birthday me tonight tonight really yeah yeah yeah it’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Vancouver, and we are just about cleared out of the room.

I appreciate Lissa are you doing this mind we are now checking out of our hotel it’s been an amazing time goodbye we have arrived here Rikki’s for the birthday we the birthday week for celebrating Lars birthday again for a whole week eggs some hashbrowns. So we are planning all of our la travels which will be happening on Friday yes breakfast has just arrived. And I’m reading through this manual, and we literally have access to everything in La Legoland there’s parks whale reading tours.

So many cool things la it’s gonna be a blast alright it’s like 6 p.m. now, and Abby.

And I spent the entire day reading the show called mr. robot anyways it’s a really really good show. So far it’s about basically a hacker who’s taking down one of the biggest companies in the world, and there’s a lot more to it they should check out.

I’m leaving my house now. I’m gonna head downtown. And I’m meeting with a buddy of mine who does Instagram for a living pretty much his name is Bruin, and we’re gonna discuss plans for February.

Because we want to go to either Alaska or maybe now the Yukon. So I’m gonna figure that out. And I mean a surprise Abby a bit later tonight she’s working downtown right now, and she doesn’t expect me to be coming downtown obviously but.


I’m gonna take her for dinner when she’s off work. So, I’ll be fun lots of emails lots of editing. I’ve got.

So much work on the go. But that’s a good thing all right. I just got downtown.

And I’m visiting Abby this is Abby’s work she showed me around her office. And I met her boss who also does social media stuff. So good person to be meeting, and now.

I gotta go. I’m gonna meet my friend for coffee. But later tonight Abby.

And I are gonna go on a date. We’ve never NTP birthday month my productive day is off to a not. So productive start it is almost 2 o’clock.

I finally parked the stupid car. I’ve been trying to find parking it’s taking forever. And I’m right now in Chinatown in Vancouver you would think it’s China it is the second largest Chinatown in all of North America the largest of San Francisco you can see all the shops here are Chinese hence the name Chinatown it’s a rougher area for sure in Vancouver.

But it’s kind of cool to stop here once in a while you can actually see look everything’s written in Chinese cheap Chinese plastic where Chinese music Chinese little streamers welcome to chat down ah yes here we are oh my gosh okay finally here propaganda coffee all right. So we’re planning our trip to Alaska or her Yukon, and this is Bruin Alexander he’s all about the Instagram game. So make sure you check that out.

I just got an interview with my blog. So tomorrow at 12:30. I have got a one-on-one appointment to talk to a specialist at my blog just leaving propaganda cafe.

And I say it was actually a beautiful cafe. I wouldn’t really see myself coming out to Chinatown just for it but. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be back today was a really good day it was just good to hang out with brew, and someone is doing something similar to.

I am he’s making his living off of doing freelance photography, and he’s got a really awesome Instagram page. So make sure to check it out. Because we’re on Instagram we also discussed how we’re going to make Alaska flash Yukon a reality, and we have a contacts we’re gonna be reaching out to who represents the Yukon Tourism Board.

But the problem is we want to go in mid-february, and that’s getting pretty last-minute now. So we might not be able to pull that one off. But we’ll see what happens other than that we’re gonna go pick up Lauren now head back go for a nice dinner tonight to celebrate birthday week, and yeah see where the night takes us oh yeah.

So while. I was in the coffee shop. I got an email back from my blog.

So yesterday. I got a notification on my my blog account saying you are now eligible for one-on-one consultation with a my blog expert. So I said oh yeah like let’s set up an appointment, and today.

I got an email from a lady who works there. So tomorrow at my Mehta breath or out-of-shape one of the two yeah super excited for that. I’m really hoping that there’s some insider tips that they have, and if there are any, I’ll be sure to share them with you guys we are at the cactus Club in Kings Way Burnaby.

I’ve never been up this way before how’s birthday weekend. So far yeah yeah it’s been a good week biggest week of the year that’s what they say now that loris 23 she no longer gets ID’d when she gets alcohol how does that feel feels great thank you it’s 12:30 right now, and my parents are asleep. So I need to keep it down.

I want to show you guys a little something about a week ago about a week ago, and it was about a week ago. I posted on a post saying hey looking for a graphic designer. And I was overwhelmed by the response.

I had four people reach out to me saying hey. I’m a graphic designer how can. I help, and that’s just like astounding that’s.

So so awesome thank you everyone who messaged me. I really appreciate that. I went with the first person that contacted me simply.

Because they were the first person that contacted me. And I want to show you guys what Joel has done. So far okay.

So this is not the final product. But here we go how cool is that it’s just unbelievable the power of collaborating with people. Because you know no one can be amazing at everything you need to go to other people to find people who are good at graphic design people who are good at animation, and all these things.

And I have to say this first-ever project have done as a club as a collaboration it turned out. So well. I have to say thank you.

So much Joel your time, and effort is. So appreciated. And I couldn’t be any happier with this product, and the final steps are we’re going to add in a custom font of Christians travel blog, and that will be animated into that final clip, and once that is done you will start seeing that at the beginning of my blogs, and also.

I don’t think. I’ve ever even explained the idea behind the bicycle. And So the idea behind it is with me pursuing social media it’s almost like being a pioneer you’re going into a career path that’s undefined that’s very very new.

I mean social medias been around for 10 years maybe. But it’s only been like a feasible career over the past five years, and even now it’s like it’s just at the tip of the iceberg it’s so new.

And So everything from you know making the lifestyle changes of leaving my accounting job getting rid of my apartment to pursue this career that of course is not paying well up front. But it’s just following a unique path, and being one of the first to do. So I saw that almost was like the designing of the first ever bike, and bike that.

I use here with the large front wheel in the tiny back wheel is one of the first bikes. And So in a sense it’s like when that bike was invented it involves on being a pioneer, and not exactly following the common path. But doing their own thing, and creating something amazing.

So that was the idea behind my logo another business update. I may have found myself someone to license my posts to. I can’t say the company just yet.

But they’re based out of Thailand, and they are looking for travel content. And So they obviously came across my youtube blog saw that. I have a lot of cool content, and they’re looking for some web some posts for their website.

So right now. I’m sending them a batch of about 30 of my posts, and depending on how negotiations go, and if you know they decided that this is exactly what they want for the website. I may have found myself a good good opportunity to make a little bit cash, and that’ll be perfect.

Because that money will be going right back into Thailand’s economy. Because I am gonna be traveling through Thailand probably March 20th. I think that’s what I tented lee has set as my time to leave date my birthday is March 18th.

And I would love to spend it with my family, and friends, and of course Abby. Because when I leave.

I won’t see Abby for about a month. And I think. I mean.

I spend my birthday around here. And I also had another business opportunity. So I got contacted by a media company.

And So Marla voice cracking. So my how to travel to philippines post is now being managed by another company. But that post can now be sold by this company.

So they represent me. I still have full rights to the post. But any sales that they make.

I will get a commission on it. So it’s a pretty good setup you know the way. I see it is it’s money that.

I wouldn’t have her in anyways because. I’m not going around. I don’t have time to contact people saying hey would you buy my post or would you license this post.

So I have someone who can represent me best, and someone who has good connections it’s my first ever post. I’ve license. I have license one photo before, and that was the L fee, and that’s actually kind of how.

I first got into social media. I had one viral photo of an elephant selfie, and that photo about licensed by this company by the name of caters news, and they got it sold it they sold it to like CNN ABC BBC all these very very large media companies, and that got me tons, and tons of media attention, and it Brit basically brought my Instagram page from having 3,000 followers to like 18,000 overnight almost like gained 15 thousand in a day. So I was just crazy.

I mean I remember I’d swipe up on my feet, and every you know every five seconds I’d be like 20 40 followers 50 new followers it was just crazy, and for about a week. I felt like Kim Kardashian.

I actually had interview set up with all these big radio stations, and news stations, and it was a really really cool experience to have once in a while but I gotta say now. I understand, and respect why people who are celebrities have managers.

Because it’s time-consuming to respond to. So many media requests. But that’s not at all what happens to me on a daily basis that was just that one week of the Elfi.

But really hoping for the same similar success with my hot chocolate Philippines post hopefully they can get it in front of the right people or give me a bit of extra money for my trip, and yeah. So funny. So it’s now 212.

I really need to get the bed but I go on my Instagram page. And I notice it’s like you have 66 new followers, and that doesn’t happen very often like that could take a whole day to get 66 anyways it happened within like 20 minutes.

So I knew something happened. I assumed that it must been someone famous liked one of my photos or something. And I started noticing that everyone who was adding me was Serbian.

So I knew it must have been something Serbian or someone Serbian who was influential anyway someone had me on Facebook. And I just messaged them being like hey like do you mind me asking like where are all of Heath likes coming from like what made you find my blog. And I guess the reason is.

Because a Serbian media company just posted an article on their website, and they’re obviously influential enough because. I’ve just got all these Serbian people pouring in. So if you’re from Serbia welcome to my blog.

But it is time for me to go to bed it’s really late, and tomorrow. I’ve got my interview with my blog set up. So really excited for that, and a lot of work out of me tomorrow.

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