So, we’ve changed hotels. And, we’re now at a nicer one for it even cheaper price, we’ve basically got a bit of a ripoff last night but the star pool right up front of our balcony.

So, it’s pretty nice today, we’re gonna go check out the beach. And hang out around kuta not gonna do too much probably do a lot of editing today actually, I’m falling way behind on vlogging on putting up a highlight reel putting together how to travel post. So, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but.

I guess this is a good place to do it. So time to catch up we have, we’ve left the room. And, we’re going to the beach gonna go check out the beach get some food.

I think, we’re just gonna McDonald’s cuz that’s how, we’re feeling one of those days, we’ve gone have. I haven’t seen McDonald’s yeah, we’re in a very commercial side of Bali like Bali’s a very small island but kuta is actually quite densely populated with a ton of tourists like almost everyone here is the tourists. So, it’s nice to get away like people love getting away from tourism but at the same time, it’s nice to go back there every now.

And then. And have establishments like Burger King. And McDonald’s you guys.

I’ve ever been to Waikiki in Hawaii, it’s really summer remember, it’s really similar to that like the feeling of being. I like get like commercialized you can pretty much buy any kind of shirt for like $1 to $2 and. So we were asking a vendor how much for this like knock off early shirt.

And he’s like he wanted two hundred fifty thousand rupiah which is like $20. And, we’re like no like first of all huge snow. So we walked away.

I was like super offended, I’m doing a vlog started people, I’m not Australian Canadian Canada I’ll be back we just consume some Indonesian food. So quite good a little salty. So I have a SIM card here in Indonesia.

I set it up for like. I don’t know it was about $5 $10 for like a month but, we’re only here for a week anyways. I just got a text message Dairy Queen buy one get one free small Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

And Dairy Queen’s Dairy Queen’s like literally across the street. So this was like a godsend this is BJ man exactly what. I needed after he enjoyed it stressful oh my god really really yeah, it’s actually one of my favorite beaches, it’s not like the most beautiful.

I’ve seen but what it is, it’s got the coolest waves like this huge wave to come in every like 20 seconds. And you can actually body surf them if you swim quick enough tomorrow, we’re gonna come back actually no sorry in like three days, we’re gonna rent surfboards. And come back here, it’s like well one of the beaches there’s lots of beaches a lot of wavy beaches in Indonesia.


And I think from what. I can see here, it’s like less than five dollars for an hour with the surfboard. And outfit about sure because it actually gets a bit colder in the waters, it’s a lot colder Philippines Thailand if you’re swimming around, it’s actually like the perfect temperature hey guys welcome to day 34.

I don’t know datas all right what should. I say Wow sup ladies we have left our humble abode you not we have left our humble abode. And, we’re heading to the local market where you can get super super cheap clothing.

And lots of other cool wares. And tags yep. And what else is cool, we’re gonna get Mexican food after, we’re done our shopping.

And, I’m trying to find money at an ATM but a lot of time like you’ll try like five ATMs before one works. I don’t know why, it’s just like a Southeast Asian sand with like no ATM seem to work these days. And sometimes.

I steal your PIN codes. And then take all your checking money it is. So painful shopping here, I’m the shop attendants are seriously they make no sense.

I went from negotiating for something to like for like a dollar. And he’s like give me a bit more a bit more. And, I’m like okay like I’ll give you a dollar fifty.

And, I’m he’s like me man give me another price. I think no like. I can’t like, I’m not paying anymore he’s like one of about a thousand people selling the same shirts.

And then he’s like okay money give you a deal twenty. And I thought he meant twenty thousand which is like a less than the price I’d offered but he’s like twenty us which is like, it’s like a dollar shirt like it, it’s just negotiating with the most stubborn. And ridiculous people it makes no sense but anyways, it’s kind of funny.

And eventually you find someone who’s actually makes a bit of sense. And yeah Abby’s looking at some very fake saline person just fake / central here this Prada there’s Celine Prada more Prada or Celine more Fendi. And they’re actually like really legitimate quality this is only 8 million that’s like.

I don’t know, it’s like 300-400 dollars. So, it’s really expensive still. I every time you shop with someone you don’t buy like they just pressure.

So hard like. I just tried on to compare shoes. And now the guys telling me, I’m bad luck to a shop.

I’ve never met a like a more aggressive group of vendors like as soon as you don’t buy from them like they are freaking out. I’ve been told to f off. I’ve been told, I’m bad luck to their shop.

I’ve been basically told everything now like. And that’s like five vendors, we’ve talked to. And everyone’s trying to sell us like shirts for $30 shells sellers shirts for $15.

And stuffs like a dollar here. So I don’t understand but pretty tired of it stores are actually. So high-end like the replicas are like spot-on you can buy like a tag etosha wire.

I don’t know how to pronounce it but like thousand dollar watches for like fifty dollars. And they come in like a legit box like look this is a Mon blah watch like super spot on replica. And this is about $35 for this one there’s Mario or Emporio Armani, it’s crazy like this watch here legitimately would be probably about $5,000 in stores selling here for $50.

I had this cool little fancy restaurant. And we were doing a bit of shopping but it did not go well we found some really cool high-end knockoff places as you saw but we didn’t find any one that was reasonable for like cheap clothing Abby’s frustrated is every single person was trying to rip her off. And they were like they would not give a better price.

I don’t know. I’ve never really seen that happen before or somewhere that’s supposed to be especially cheap yeah we were not having any luck. And I think it might be because of the area, we’re in a bit of a higher-end touristy area and.

So maybe they don’t charge higher rates one burger. And penne pasta with pesto yum yum yum nom nom Oh we are at the everything for 100k store 100k is like seven US dollars. So nine Canadian.

And I just bought a massive power bank. I had a really cool one but it unfortunately got left behind at her last hotel that was after the Sun screen had disintegrated every part of it yeah a Sun screen got emptied into the bottom of the bag. And I got Sun screens like kind of corrosive.

And it melted a bunch of the plastic. So actually it wasn’t such a cool adapter anymore. So, it’s okay that.

I got a new one now for seven US dollars you seen it go gasps Steel’s helping best deals. And all Ivan Abby would you look at that they have bottle openers for a good rate finally got what we needed we got. I got a pair of glasses Abby got two.

And they make no sense they’re actually the most irrational bargainers. So, we’re walking by. And they’re like okay 30,000 like first of all that’s a great start because everyone else has been asking like a hundred thousand.

So, we’re like okay thirty thousand you’re finally in the playing like playing with real numbers and. So we stop we pick out a few. And then they’re like okay.

So this one’s 40 this one’s like a hundred no sense we finally got them down to like okay agreeing everything is thirty thousand. So they agreed what they originally said. And then they’re like I’ll give you a deal you buy three for a hundred thousand which is still more than thirty thousand.

So like they’re basically telling you if you buy more from them they’ll you’ll have to spend more, we’re finally back where we are staying we got really lost. And kind of turned around but yeah yeah the weirdest thing happened we were walking down this clubbing area. And three indonesian guys are actually about like inches away from me like ones behind me they were sitting down.

And yeah they got up. And like two on my sides or sorry one on my left one on my right. And one right in front of me.

And ones like trying to put sling in my hand. And then the other guy actually grabs by a rock grabs my arm. And tries to force me to grabbing whatever was in that guy’s hand.

And it looked like a little cigar. I think it was drugs. And I think they were actually forcing me to grab it.

And I don’t, I’m not going to say this is why but I can imagine that if you grabbed onto it like maybe they had a police on standby that we try to like charge you for having drug possession. So I don’t know if that was actually happened but it was really really weird.

I’ve never had anything like that happened where three guys looked like they were about to like almost like mugged me anyways it was on a busy road. So nothing was good. I didn’t actually feel endangered but.

I had to literally pull my arm back. And like stop my strikes. So stop walking you’re like yeah it was really weird awesome day Beach is amazing here in kuta.

And tomorrow morning will be really cool see you guys.

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