Kanpur, everyone’s destination

Kanpur as a city is an interesting place to visit. This city has everything a tourist will ever want to see. Rather, this city has something to offer to any kind of tourist. Kanpur is home to a huge industrial base. It has rich historical heritage. It is a hub for education and related activities.It is great for food lovers and shopping too. In short, if one were to visit Kanpur, it is going to be an enriching experience.

Kanpur holds a place of importance from the point of view of Indian history. It was an active place of action during India’s freedom struggle. The 1857 uprising is a key milestone in Indian history. Kanpur’s Massacre Ghat is a reminder of this struggle and the valiant efforts of Nana Saheb who lead the revolt in Kanpur.

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Along with historical monuments Kanpur is home for many chemical, fertilizer, leather and Iron

industries. While these industries do not offer any great tourist attractions in terms of sightseeing, they do offer products that are value for money. Some of the best leather articles can be purchased at extremely reasonable prices in Kanpur. For a shopper, Kanpur can be a veritable feast to the eye in terms of the choice of products available.

Kanpur is a good destination for entertainment and edutainment as well. Allen forest zoo is a brilliant place to go with family and young kids. The zoo is well maintained and houses animals from across the world. Blue world theme park has amazing water rides and games for young, old and the adventurous. IIT Kanpur is a must visit for any tourist seeking edutainment. Apart from being one of the prestigious educational institutions of the country, it is also a great place to see.

Kanpur is good choice even for the folks with a religious bent of mind. As a first thing, it is right on the banks of Ganga, considered the holiest river for the Hindus. Apart from this, there are famous temples like Shri Radhakrishna Temple, ISKCON, Jain glass temple, Dwarakadish temple, Valmiki ashram temple, Bhitargaon temple to name a few. Kanpur is a good choice for spiritual tourism.

There are multiple ways to reach Kanpur. One can fly to Kanpur or choose to go by road or by train. There are regular flights to Kanpur from other major cities. It is well connected by buses and trains too. Lucknow to Kanpur cabs is yet another possibility. It will work in favor of a tourist who wants better control on time. Reaching Kanpur is not at all difficult by any chosen mode of transport.

Outstation cabs in Lucknow are frequently booked for visits to Kanpur. The ease of booking and the comfort of travel make this a brilliant option. These are two important and key factors for any tourist. A general pain point for many tourists, especially the older folk is the problem of driving around the city. On the one hand, it’s a new place and on the other who wants to drive when on a tour!? Chauffer driven car services like Savaari car rentals is a good option to consider in such cases.

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