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It’s no secret that Barcelona is home to some of the most intricate, delicate, and most of all breathtakingly beautiful architectural sites. Almost every inch of the city is full of complex patterned buildings and gorgeous accent windows and walls. But, if you truly want to see the gorgeous architecture that Barcelona has to offer, then take a Barcelona highlights tour. During the All Barcelona Highlights Tour, you will get the chance to see and explore the; Passeig de Gr cia, Sagrada Fam­lia, Waterfront, Montju¯c Hill, and Poble Espanyol. To help you get an idea of the beauty and significance of each of these sites, here are descriptions and highlights of these Barcelona architectural treasures:

The Passeig de Gr cia shows the luxurious side of Barcelona architecture. When it was built, over 100 years ago, it was designed for the wealthy. Today, a variety of luxury clothing stores line along the Passeig de Gr cia, aside major banks and the stock exchange. The Passeig de Gr cia also features the popular monuments, La Pedrera and Casa Batll³, which were designed by the notorius architect, Gaudi.

The Sagrada Fam­lia is one of Gaudi’s most popular buildings. This intricately designed temple features a fa§ade that features highlights of Jesus’ life. Other highlights of the Sagrada Fam­lia include the columns that resemble trees, and the way that the windows and walls are crafted, so they bounce light and colors off of each other.

The Waterfront is a long stretch of pathways that is lined with stores and restaurants, and is situated along the coast line. Some of the highlights of the Waterfront are the Old Port and the Columbus Monument.

Montju¯c Hill is a hill that overlooks the entire city of Barcelona. While standing at the top, you will not only be able to see the top of Barcelona’s gorgeous architecture, but you will also see the glorious mountains that surround Barcelona.

Finally, the Poble Espanyol is an architectural museum located in the heart of Barcelona. This architectural museum was built in 1929, and features exact replicas of some of the most famous streets and buildings.

The All Barcelona Highlights Tour has two options; the morning tour, which starts at 10am, or the afternoon tour, which begins at 12h30. Regardless of what tour time you choose, the overall tour takes approximately five hours. Also, adult tickets are 64 euros, and tickets for children aged three to twelve are 32 euros. Finally, while most of the transportation takes place on an air-conditioned private bus, plan to explore every location. So, it is in your best interest to wear comfortable shoes.

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