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When you’ve employed a live-in nanny from an agency such as they become an extended part of the family. When you plan a holiday away there needs to thought given to whether they are to accompany you, their role whilst away and how much free time they should be given.

The needs of the family when on holiday

Whatever the location, a holiday is a much-needed break for all the family. For the parents it’s the chance to get away from the day to day grind such as the office and housework and instead spend the days with the children. Ensuring the children have their time filled with fun and adventures, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that parents need the time to relax too. This means that taking the nanny away with everyone results in the best of both worlds for all who travel; mum and dad, the children and also the nanny who has the opportunity to see a different part of the world.

The way to organise the holiday
Every situation is unique and the most important tip is that all agree with the plans before the holiday starts this means no nasty surprises when you arrive at your dream destination. For some, the nanny works as usual whilst away and for others, they see it as a family-own’ experience and the nanny accompanies them but is able to have a holiday of their own.

Discussions need to take place around:

– Who is actually on holiday
– Sleeping arrangements

– Is the nanny given enhanced pay

If the nanny is working as they would be at home, it’s worth considering that it may be a little more challenging than usual. The accommodation and facilities will be unfamiliar as may meal times and day to day activities. They will also be away from their own network of friends and this should be factored in, particularly if this is their first position or they are quite young.

Sleeping accommodation

As the nanny will have their own room when at home, it should really be a given that they are afforded this position when on holiday. It ensures their privacy and relaxation time is protected. If though you will be sharing a villa perhaps with friends who also have a nanny, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to request they share but ensure this is all discussed beforehand.


A nanny could well find they are working more or different hours such as evenings and late at night. It’s courtesy to remember this and to say thankyou for the extra childcare whilst you are enjoying dining out and perhaps a gift as a token of appreciation should be considered. Some time off in lieu when you return home would also be very much welcomed. Being shown that their hard work is important to the way the family lives will really strengthen relationships and loyalty.

The main purpose of the holiday is that everyone enjoys themselves whether relaxing or working. Planning and communication are key to this being a fantastic time and will mean that on arrival home everyone will have a smile on their face and fantastic memories.

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