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Talking of the animals that inhabit this world along with us humans, it has to be driven deeply in the psyche of those people who have a thought that contradicts this that they are very much a part of this world too. They have every right to live as they should be and as nature has endowed upon them just as humans are. There are times or for generations that humans have totally forgotten this simple idea and gone on to exploit nature and have very much caused the imbalance that we see everyday these past decades. Due to the over exploitation of the animal kingdom by humans for their own selfish motives many of the wild life is gone extinct and the process continues even today. Man must realize that this earth is not for his only personal use but for all animals as well. When the wild life is extinct, the normal natural processes will not go on and it will cause a great imbalance which would indirectly but definitely though would challenge the very survival of the human species beyond a point.

The next generation:

As far as caring for the wild life is concerned, we are not doing this for some extra terrestrial life but for the sake of safeguarding the future generation of citizens. When they inherit a well balanced and pristine environment, they would surely appreciate and feel happy for leaving them a great planet to live in and for the enormous inheritance and legacy that we leave behind for them. This is the cause of the dancing star foundation which is dedicated to take care of the animal life on earth.

Animal rights:

As a matter of fact, the animals have a right to the natural resources that are available on the planet but often, man forgets this very simple concept and snatches all that is due for them. By maintaining a broad minded approach, man is doing himself a favor indirectly by keeping the animal world intact. Due to this realization many have started to create this awareness and care for the animal world. They have the right to treated with dignity that nature has bestowed upon them and it applies to situations when we kill the animals for our food. Even while slaughtering the animals, we have to treat them with kindness and care.

The distinction:

The foundation has several other objectives such as differentiating the animals into those that are wild animals which are hard to be domesticated and those animals which can be domesticated. These two types of the animals require different habitats and food requirements and the resources for their survival have to be provided for them suitably. When the ecological restoration is carried out, then the much needed balance can be achieved within certain duration of time. The natural habitats of these animals have to be rebuilt where it is destroyed and safeguard those habitats which are on the brink of collapse. Any calamity in such endangered ecosystems can be the end of the whole flora and fauna of that habitat.

Creating awareness:

When it comes to conservation of nature, the responsibility has to be shared by all humans. The joint and combined effort of all citizens of all countries is required in such a daunting endeavor. But before asking them to contribute to this cause, they have to be mentally prepared and the sensitized to the facts of the ground and the reason why it requires a joint effort and this can be achieved only through creating awareness among the citizens of the world countries. This is exactly what the dancing star foundation is aspiring towards to conserve the natural ecosystem.

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