Map Of Chicago Guide And Statistics

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Map Of Chicago Guide And Statistics

If you have never been to Chicago, you may not be familiar with the city’s geography. The map shows the city in its most convenient layout – mile squares. In 1822, the city had already built a six-mile square. The map shows cultivated land at State and Madison Avenues as well as Fort Dearborn. It also shows the extent of the city’s waterways. The city’s growth brought about its development.

The original manuscript map of Chicago was made by James Thompson, who conducted a survey of the city before it was incorporated into a city. The map he made shaped the development of the city and dictated the layout of streets and land into saleable parcels. This map was created at a time when the city was experiencing a land boom. Several printed elaborations of Thompson’s basic map were published. The first one was published in 1834 by Chicago’s first map publisher, and the second one came out in 1835 by John S. Wright.

You can find many maps of the city online. A good place to find maps from this time period is the Encyclopedia of Chicago Website. You can also look at historical maps from Chicago’s past. Social Scientists Map Chicago and Library of Congress’ Panoramic Maps Website have maps from the 1860s. And don’t forget about the University of Chicago Library, which has a number of archival maps of the city. But most of these maps are still paper-based.

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Map Of Chicago Guide And Statistics

Map Of Chicago Guide And Statistics

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