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Hoi An Vietnam

We just ordered our breakfast I’ll be here in the next five minutes. And then, we’re gonna get out of here we haven’t even seen the beach.

And Hawaiians known as beach town, we’ve just been busy with other things. So yeah we’ll spend a few hours in the beach, I’m not really went to lay around on the beach for too long it just doesn’t really appeal to me but we’ll go check it out. And after that.

I’ve got a suit fitting at 1:30. So that’s soup fitting number two. And.

I’ve got one more after that later tonight at 6:30. So basically our whole day is revolving around getting our suits finished out flora got a suit as well she looks really good super professional she thinks she looks like a 40 year old but I think she looks like hot office woman angry chicken they try to sell you too much gasoline because at the end of the day once you return your bike they get to keep the gasoline.

So these ladies here just want to sell as much as they can last time they told me to get to Marble Mountain was three liters at least it probably used 1 liter. So I got ripped off whatever, it’s like two dollars yeah yeah you getting. So mad.

And being ripped off here but anything. So funny. So I was buying gas.

And all right because the lady is trying to get 25,000 for me like for one liter. I told her like no, it’s 21,000. And I was like kind of angry because.

I was like last time you ripped me off because she actually did she told me it was like three liters to make it to this place. And back it only took one liter. So she basically sold me two extra leaders.

And as soon as. I told her you ripped me off last time she’s like oh oh yeah. And then she just laughs.

And then she gave it to me for the price. I was asking. So like people are really funny here, it’s only like couple dollars we just got someone trying to charge us double for parking because we had a bike a motorbike.

And not a bicycle because like motorbikes are bigger costs more for parking but, it’s literally an empty parking lot. And they’re just trying to make more money off of you but, it’s funny, it’s not a big deal but you just have to be really like Stern. And make sure you don’t get pushed around otherwise everyone will take advantage of you but, it’s no big deal here’s the beach, it’s actually really really nice, it’s definitely a bit drier than the Thai beaches, we’ve been to looks a bit more density but very very nice.

And here are the boats we took yesterday they’re very weird they look like giant teacups hello oh my gosh we have a visitor Conroy Conroy oh yeah he’s no interest in Fame All Right see you later Conroy we just ordered a couple shakes. I got myself a chocolate banana shake coming up. And Abby has a nice coffee this is a nice view very nice welcome to getting to know Abby Abby what is your favorite color she doesn’t have a color color of my heart but just luck.

And thank you for joining us today, I’m getting to know Abby Lord just got her blended coffee. I got my chocolate banana Loras also vlogging at the same time. So we are both goals this is what, it’s like to travel to people on their cameras at all times.

Map of Hoi An Vietnam Photo Gallery

And we don’t really talk in person we just watch each other’s vlogs. I haven’t talked to Abby in about six months that’s not true Abby you can’t talk to me i watch your vlog Oh hello there what are you doing up there, I’m not. I don’t think.

I need any glasses today but thank you for asking okay yeah, it’s good really good chatting with you though all right what are you doing buddy oh my gosh nope nope no no he’s getting nervous but the tiny rooster, we’re actually just in the middle of the city. And there’s like a rooster hanging out on the side this is something. I can get behind but if it just like Crotty jumped me is my second suit this is the blue one this is just a pant leg here.

And the tailored shirt. And everything fits amazingly well the fabrics super nice. And all of it for a really reasonable price range yes look funny yeah that looks awesome sexy very sexy sir look at those curves christening them yeah is it tight on the others favorite thing fish.

I got which is like this trenchcoat some butterfly who take photo. And here is my Burberry look-alike coat, it’s actually really nice the fabric is amazing if, it’s really good everything’s tailored to me. And yeah it’ll be good for the Vancouver weather when.

I have to go home back to cold Oh we are leaving Kimmy’s now. And kimmy’s is where we both got all of our stuff done. So I got three suits six shirts laura has one suit one shirt.

I also got a trench coat. And three ties. And three pocket squares.

And it was all very reasonably priced like. I said it was probably about like anywhere from. I got like middle tier like two upper tier quality so.

I paid a bit more but it was about hundred. And like seventy five US dollars, it’s a bit but it. I would easily pay at least like five hundred back home for the same tailored quality.

And even that would be a deal back home. So, I’m getting a huge saving here. And the best part is they do free fitting.

So they make sure everything fits perfectly. So really really happy with the customer service here they’re fantastic they even ensure. And guarantee that your stuff will make it home.

So I’ll be shipping home using Kimmie’s. And yeah I’ll have my stuff ready to be worn when I get back you guys ever need tailored goods Boyan is your place.

I might get some silk pajamas if, it’s cheap enough because. I you know I’ll be pretty boss be able to sleep in silk pajamas look he’s still here you’re still here. I didn’t cross the road man touch everything Hey he’s kind of cute like normally they’re scary.

And ugly he’s got you Fredrick but okay Fredrick oh my gosh besides. I really Malone are we can we could we pet him can we touch the chicken we fight, I’m a big concern some of the Murphy he likes it definitely not a fighting rooster, it’s more of a loving rooster a domesticated oh my god she’s my favorite rooster. I’ve ever met he’s literally just a shop pet he just hangs out here.

I want one Abby. And I are gonna go explore of it we got our last fitting tonight at 6:00 p.m.

You also need to hurry up too. And we also have to go back. And film.

I grab about that we spent a little bit extra. I got something nice we got some chicken curry for like four. And a half dollars us.

So very expensive considering ringgit Nam but, I’m not under that much oh yeah the real. I see oh yeah goodbye, we’re getting two kimonos here they’re claiming, it’s real silk. I really don’t know how to check well there’s one way you can burn it if it smells bad of plastic, it’s polyester if it doesn’t smell then, it’s likely silk but.

I, I’m not gonna make her burn her own stuff. I guess either way, it’s 15 u.s.

Dollars. And they’re really soft. So they’d be cozy for bed.

And they’ll make a nice gift everywhere we go like. I don’t know if, it’s maybe, it’s an Asian thing even in Thailand they did it, it’s like oh your first customer of the day you’re lucky you’re lucky. And they always try to play it up like you’re the first customer.

And you get a better deal than the average person sounds like a huge sales tactic to me but maybe, it’s actually a belief of theirs that giving a good discount to the first customer allows them to have good luck for the rest of the day because that’s what she kept trying to tell us but again, I’m not convinced well. I am convinced is that this is a cool hat anyway. So we got four kimonos.

And we got a few silk goods from the kimono store Lou this is the little shopping area in play on, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s one of my favorite little towns. I’ve seen. So far.

And, it’s actually quite close to China as. I’ve said many times now but basically you get a good China vibe here because. I guess a lot of visitors coming from China.

And the cultures will become quite similar. And then it. So cute this little Japanese bridge down here highly recommend visiting Hawaiian but be careful because, it’s impossible to leave here without spending all your money.

I swear no, I’m not getting anything. And then they’re waiting for us. And he boarded a suit.

And a jacket just because they were waiting for us yeah our friends ended up ordering suit as well because they were waiting for us in the store, it’s just impossible to leave here without getting a couple suits something like that we should you’ve got little gondolas down there. So you can pay to have them take you around the river just catching some Z’s hello we will get one of those with the sugar yeah could you cut it in half thank you thanks so much thank you this is actually my favorite little town though like as far as everywhere, we’ve been.

I know, we’re not here long enough boy yawns awesome, it’s such a nice place to visit you can easily just hang out here for two three four or five days for four would probably have been perfect, we’re here for three days but, we’ve been really busy with suits with kind of biking around here we haven’t spent too much time in the actual high-end little city. I would have loved to spend a full day here like an extra day, we’ve been great you can buy beers for like 25 cents during the day. And then like happy hour, it’s even cheaper, it’s crazy to girls we have Lauren knows two little girls are following us.

And staring. And I heard one of them was like no us yes yeah they’re like peer pressuring each other to ask. And I guess because.

I saw me talking about camera they assumed it was a youtuber. So they just like came. And followed us.

And we went up to them because we knew they were going to ask us anyways. And they wanted our YouTube names. So we got ourselves two extra subscribers if you’re reading right now hello to friends who we met in Hawaiian everywhere you go in Hawaiian is just suit shop suit shop suit shop tailor tailor like, it’s crazy everything here is based on the tailor.

And distribute. So one deals before we pick up in the morning thank God. I am leaving Hawaiian tomorrow, I’m seriously addicted.

I can’t get myself out of these leather goods stores like. I just bought sandals I’m so close to buying a nice carry bag for my laptop.

And all that stuff at work, I’m out of control. I need to get it away on immediately ok. So we have our suits all finished up there embroil sleeve my initials in the inside.

And they fit perfectly. So they’re mine this is one of my shirts son button right now some get casual sicne 30 right now. And here we are still shopping I’ll just take it.

I don’t need to try Braddock’s Lauren just bought a romper. And I got a custom-made jacket for four US dollars, it’s super jet. I actually recommend going to some of the local stores for things that measurements don’t matter if.

I paid a lot of X like. I paid a premium at Kimmy’s, it’s worth it for six like for a nice suit but for like a jacket, it’s good to go look around through the local market because they can’t really screw up much with the jacket but yeah. I paid for us.

So, it’s perfect, it’s amazing. So through Kimmy’s we can send all of our stuff. And, it’s guaranteed by mail.

So, we’re sending about ten kilograms other stuff it is we have got four suits like seven shirts some other stuff we purchased along the way it was about let’s see here is about $80 but we are sending like 10 kilograms worth of stuff if not more yeah. So yeah we went like to ties that, we’re holding on to otherwise, we’re over the weight limit but my GoPro is seconds away from dying but we are doing the night market right now. And the night markets about to close.

So there’s not a whole lot of people here right now. And to start the stalls are settings closed as well but tomorrow morning we leave at 7:30. And, we’re going to bike all the way to hue which is about four hours.

So, it’s our last night here in whole white on. And, it’s been an awesome three days really love this place probably my favorite city. I’ve been to.

And all of my time in Southeast Asia. So highly recommend Hawaiian if you ever come to get numb check it out.

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