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Guys I’d give you the rescue mobiles there’s tons of snakes in Thailand now. I’m half kidding all right guys is Bear Grylls here we are currently in hot pursuit of a couple of elephants my senses are tingling properly.

I think they may have come this way. I don’t know what’s giving away the location but I think.

I’m sensing it’s over here. So I dig up. So that is her new mahute, and you can see he’s just admiring her from a distance that is really cool.

So now that she’s been adopted per se she’s gonna have a one-on-one relationship with that guy right there, and they’re gonna get to know each other really well over the next few years it’s really cool she’s coming from an abusive relationship sounds really funny. Because it’s so human to say.

But she was treated badly before, and now she’s got a new mahute we’ll take really good care of her, and most of all she can live freely at Elephant Nature Park, and roam around Derek was joking at how much she was eating. But it’s just that she just doesn’t often get this opportunity to be out here get some of the best grasses. And So she’s having a heyday right now me Oh Barbara what do you think of that weird-looking cow that’s an elephant Barbara beautiful looking cows they look silky smooth this is the truck setup so.

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We’ve got a little upward landing area where the elephants are going to be coming to they’re going to walk into here in the front they have food to keep them somewhat happy during this 20 our transportation it’s about to go down with Derek’s carrying a giant bag of money it’s like you see in the posts let me know like the drug deals to go down there’s an elephant deal all this travel comes down to this moment hence the gopro chest mount camera slung over the shoulder. And I’ve got another gopro POV shot oh look at the water wells in arnhem gigan bonthorn operable towing or neither blessing for themselves another thing a blessing they’re taking their final photos with the elephant, and this is the reason we drove 12 hours last night, and we’re gonna be 20 hours to go back goodbyes are tough but I think this is probably a very needed goodbye goodbye it at the hook say goodbye to the hook, and the second elephant is secured there’s a few ways you can travel Thailand this is not one of the ways that.

I ever pictured myself doing it. But one of the coolest hands down. I’m fine.

So I do cop okay anymore oh my god oh god we just were in an elephant deal that was like straight out of a movie except in the movies people normally get shot. So I’m glad we survived that ordeal that was an experience for the book save like check that one off the list witness a live high dollar value transaction between elephant dealer, and elephant whisperer that was on my bucket list not anymore you have no idea how nice this felt doesn’t look very appealing. But that’s a shower right there you turn on this half you take the bucket, and go swoosh, and now.

I feel so much chiller, and cooler. I’ve got my elephant pants my fake Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

I got this whole wardrobe for like eight or nine bucks ventures aren’t over yet trying to fix me. And I’m getting bit okay. I’m getting missing lately.

I’ve seen you on television yeah if it’s like. I want you from my prison but I want to.

I’m moving hi with truck great really not charging us that is a good day right there raise me she, and even lucky old bag of right bananas that’s good Hey make. So the Sun is just set probably about six hours this journey still got a lot more we’re going to go down wash your faces off there’s like all this dirt being kicked up from the truck in front of us. So my face has like a layer of silt on it something.

I’m going to be staying up here all night although you got to give it to him Derrick is going to be staying the entire time here with blue meat. Because she’s a bit of an older one, and he wants to make sure she’s doing well, and he’s building that bond with her look how high up this truck is like. I’m gonna pass to my camera it’s so important that you’re doing something that you love, and this here. I could wake up every single day, and do. I’m just like.

I’ve such a crazy energy right now, and just. So excited about what. I’m doing, and how the series is going, and do something you love follow your passions that’s all.

I gotta say bah.

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