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Traveling can be stressful. You have to plan your itinerary and stick to a schedule so you don’t miss anything. You have to book your flight, reserve your hotel, make reservations for all your activities, request the time off work, board the dogs, hire a house sitter, and pack for all. And of course, you have to figure out a way to pay for it all. Depending on the trip, you could end up working for the rest of the year to pay for one week of fun.

You can make travel significantly less stressful by finding ways to save money. You can go to unconventional locales that are easier on the pocketbook, or you can shop for the best deals to find ways to save. Here are a few other ways you can make travel both simpler and cheaper:

Carry the Right Gear

When you travel, you might as well have a huge bullseye strapped to your chest. You stand out clearly as a tourist while holding your map, wearing your camera around your neck, or struggling with your satchel filled with snacks and gear. Thieves will identify you right away and will target you mercilessly.

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Nothing is more stressful than being stranded in a strange place with no money and no identification. You can make yourself less of a target and protect your valuables by carrying the right gear. For example, you can shop for iPhone cases to find one that will allow you to tuck your ID, credit card or cash out of sight. (Of course, you’ll have to hide your phone also since it will be a target for thieves.) You can get a travel wallet that lets you tuck valuables into a pouch that you wear under your clothes.

Only carry as much money or other items on you as you absolutely need. Leave the rest in your hotel room or in the hotel safe. Always have copies of your passport, ID, and credit cards tucked into your suitcase or another safe place.

Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

Lodging is one of the most expensive components of travel. You can save a lot of money and make your travel significantly easier by staying at an all-inclusive resort. These resorts charge you a rate that includes all your meals and some of your entertainment. You can join guided tours, attend events within the resort such as dances and parties, and you can even get some of your drinks included in the bill.

All-inclusive resorts are very popular at tropical locations, but you can find them in a wide variety of places. When you are planning your travel yourself or talking to your travel agent, check out the options for all-inclusive resorts.

Buy Comprehensive Passes

Many travel destinations have multiple points of interest for tourists – that’s what make them travel destinations. In many of these places, local officials and tourism advocates have come together to offer tourists comprehensive passes that help them save money and therefore encourage them to visit more of the attractions.

For example, if you go to Rome or France, you are able to buy a pass that gets you into many of the museums and some of the other historic attractions. With such a pass, you pay one fee and you have access to numerous attractions. You don’t have to worry about buying multiple tickets or waiting in line at multiple places. You take care of it all with one transaction, and in many cases, you get to bypass the entrance line.

Join a Tour

Planning an itinerary can be stressful and time-consuming. You have to research all the options at your destination and determine a course of action that takes into account the times attractions are open, the best times to visit, the most efficient route, and so on. By joining a tour, you eliminate all the planning and get to enjoy the attractions instead. You can relax knowing that someone else is in charge and showing you to the most important and interesting attractions in the city.

Joining a tour can also save you money. The companies that host them make money by getting multiple people to sign up. They operate on the same concept as bulk ordering. These companies can also make deals with local providers so that you get discounted entrance and other discounted fees, further saving you money.

Finally, joining a tour means you don’t have to drive or worry about public transportation, and in many cases, you don’t even have to plan your meals. You get a group guide, and you get to meet interesting people.

Travel does not have to be stressful or complicated. With the right planning, you can simplify the whole process and save yourself a lot of money at the same time. You’ll be able to completely relax and enjoy your travel.

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