Map Of Riverside: A Guide For Tourists

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There are many things to do in Riverside, California and they’re a lot of fun. Whether you’re here for a day or so, a weekend or longer – Riverside has something for everyone! With tons of fun things to do such as swimming and surfing the ocean, getting out on the trails and trails, visiting museums and places like A Thousand Fingers Theatres, there are plenty opportunities for visitors to have a blast in this area.

Map Of Riverside

Riverside is a city located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. It is bordered by Jurupa Hills to the east, Moreno Valley to the south, Chino Hills to the west, and Upland to the north. The city has a population of over 200,000 people and covers an area of over 195 square miles. Riverside is known for its agricultural production and its rich history. The city was founded in 1887 and was named after the river that runs through it, the Riverside River.

The main attractions in Riverside are its many museums, especially the Riverside Museum of Art, which is one of the most prominent museums in Southern California. There are also many parks and recreational areas in Riverside that are popular with tourists.

There are several restaurants and bars in Riverside that offer tourists a variety of dishes and drinks. Some of the better known restaurants in Riverside include Roka Akor, Panda Express, and El Molino Mexican Grill.

If you are planning a trip to Riverside, be sure to check out our blog section for tips on what to see and do while you are there!

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Attractions in Riverside

If you’re looking for things to do in Riverside, your options are virtually endless. From nature trails to museums and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this charming city. Here are just a few of the attractions that travelers should consider when exploring Riverside:

-The Riverside Municipal Arts Center: This lovely facility is home to a variety of exhibitions and events, and is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

-Riverside Botanic Gardens: This beautiful garden is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic lunch. There are plenty of trails to explore, as well as a pond and waterfall.

-The Mission Inn: This historic hotel is famous for its restaurant and bar, which serve up delicious fare and affordable drinks. The hotel also features several galleries and exhibits, making it an excellent place to spend an afternoon or evening.

-The Old Spanish National Historic Park: Spanning more than 1,000 acres, this park is home to several beautifully preserved Spanish colonial homes and other structures. It’s an excellent place to take a walk or ride on the historic train.

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Things to Do in the Area

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then Riverside is the perfect place for you. With plenty of activities and attractions to keep you occupied for days, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. From relaxing at the riverfront to exploring historical landmarks, here are some of the best things to do in Riverside:

-Visit the banks of the Colorado River for a scenic walk or bike ride.

-Take a hike or bike ride through nearby nature preserves.

-Stroll along Main Street and take in the charming local shops and restaurants.

-Check out one of Riverside’s many art galleries and museums.

-Watch a performance at one of Riverside’s many theaters.

-Experience Riverside’s lively nightlife scene by going out on the town.

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Restaurants and Bars

Riverside is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or a lively night out, there is something for everyone in this town. Here are some of our favorite spots:

-The Riverside Grill: This spot is perfect if you’re looking for something intimate and romantic. The menu features classics like steak and seafood, but they also have some interesting specials that are worth checking out.

-Joe’s Bar and Grille: Joe’s is a fun place to go with friends. They have a great selection of beers on tap and delicious food that will make you feel like you’re at home.

-Miller’s Ale House: Miller’s is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a good meal and a good beer. Their menu has everything from chicken wings to pizza, so there’s something for everyone.

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Hotels in the Area

There are a number of hotels in Riverside that tourists can choose from. Generally, the closer to the center of Riverside the hotel is located, the more expensive it will be. However, there are a few budget-friendly options as well.

The Riverside Convention Center is located just south of downtown Riverside and is easily accessible by car or bus. Several hotels near the convention center offer free parking.

One of the most popular hotel chains in Riverside is Best Western, which has several locations throughout the city. The chain offers a variety of amenities, including restaurants and meeting rooms.

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When looking for a hotel in Riverside, it is important to consider what type of traveler you are. For example, if you are only planning on staying for one night, a lower-cost option may be adequate. On the other hand, if you plan on spending more than one night in Riverside, it might be worth investing in a hotel closer to the center of town.


If you’re planning a trip to Riverside, CA, be sure to download our handy map of the area! The map includes attractions, restaurants, and other tourist destinations. We hope you find it helpful while visiting our hometown!

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