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We’re checking out from Tokyo.

And I’m going to miss sleeping on that floor what a great floor it’s been my back has never been. So good, and not as a huge lie my back hurts time is just flying by, and Abby. And I go back to Canada in less than 10 days.

So Tokyo is extremely expensive, and it’s a nice room like everything’s like fairly high-end appliances there’s a heated seat on the toilet, and it sings when you sit on it, and a room like this will basically cost you almost 300 u.s. dollars a night if you don’t like book early in advance it’s just crazy expensive.

So that’s why. I Abby. And I have chosen the high life, and we sleep here in this corner we throw it on some towels some blankets, and it’s amazing.

I’ve ever had today is another rainy day in Tokyo we’re heading our way to the metro line, and we’re gonna start going towards Kyoto. But on the way there there’s lots of stop to review it’s a lot school sites some of the things we’re gonna do today are watch. I only remember what there we’re going to a hot spring, and you’re not allowed to wear a bathing students the hotsprings is disrespectful.

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So everyone has to go naked. So there’s separate hot springs for men, and separate ones for women. So that should be very interesting we have just arrived here at the ramen Museum in Yokohama so.

We’ve left Tokyo. I think it’s still part of Tokyo but. We’ve left like the greater – for the downtown Tokyo area we took about.

I don’t know 20 minutes by train to get here, and now we’re gonna go try out some of the world-famous Japanese ramen ramen noodles, and it was hands-down the best ramen it ever had. I’m like dying to get my hands on another one. So a little bit of history on the ramen noodle it was started off in China, and it spread to Japan in 1859 when Japan opened its ports to the world.

So it allowed exports to come in or it allowed imports. I guess it’s got four different varieties of noodles you got the thin noodle the thick noodle wrinkled noodle, and of course the hiroji noodles this must be what a traditional Japanese little suburb look like it’s so interesting we are here at a German house ramen determined, and they greet everyone else they come in which is why everyone’s yelling alright nom nom nom here it is looks.

So good that was. So good oh my gosh. We’ve had two ramen noodle boot poles now in the past like three days, and both have been incredible thank you thank you Japan is just.

So awesome the food here is actually really good. I stayed away from seafood because. I’m not a big fan of it.

But all their land food like ramen noodles, and rice bowls, and teriyaki bowls. So good there are local singles in your area looking to chat dialysate will be here all night a little privacy please it’s cool they made like a old-fashioned Japanese alleyway that you’d see back in the day back in our day oh you can hear cat oh my goodness if you get off your phone you see this, and we are now heading to Kyoto by bullet train which is a super crazy extremely fast train that looks like a bullet apparently its top speed is like 330 kilometres an hour it’s actually. So spacious yeah you can get some work done.

I have to like bend over to reach for it it’s crazy this is what it looks like to go 250 kilometers an hour we are bolting even snapchat just told me 246, and the fastest speed is 3:30. So you can’t really feel like if it’s so smooth.

But you definitely get the feeling of like even the subtle little movement, and you’re like holding, and like when you look out the window you realize you’re going pretty much the fastest. I’ve ever been other than interplaying today’s blog is brought to you by fire ice odelay live fast like a bullet train. So to take the bullet drain you can either pay one way or you can get a Japan Rail Pass or the junior pass, and for me to do a week of unlimited riding it’s 300 us about there.

So it’s pretty expensive. But one way with the junior pass we call system thank you one-way train from like Japan to Kyoto would be like 200 US dollars. So for us it made sense to get the pass it’s never can go all over the country we got off the train station to go see that’s castle.

And So we’re in this random little city right now. But they’re just playing this like weird creepy music throughout the entire city, and it’s been going for a couple blocks now, and there’s like no one here it feels like almost like we’re in an abandoned ghost town all these cars came by now. So I kind of lost the creepy effect but.

So they don’t guard crocodiles they’ve got guard koi fish, and they’ll suck eat it up. I’m in yeah mark jump in there well fed animals here awesome feeding frenzies they like run each other over whistles look guys they’re following us they’re all coming over here now hello my friends more Parmesan cheese for the my blog should just be called a clueless guy abroad. I just show up to play something up.

I think we’re here yeah this is what it is Wow feels good to be home yeah monkeys. I love monkeys yeah they’re creepy look at the red feet oh it smells. So nasty yuck.

I’m sorry guys you guys really didn’t get the good side of the gene pool oh it smells. So bad scratching its friend’s head, and looking for my little insects oh. I can’t.

I cannot stand you here it smells. So bad here is the main castle. And I can see a little tiny cat just perched on the side of the wall like up above all the brick it looks.

So proud of its castle. I would be, and for some reason there’s a big barrier being put up here. So we cannot go through.

I don’t know why good mmm yeah this is what the smell is it smells. So good yeah yeah got my melt yeah the pollens all over my melt look the Ravens just hanging by waiting for some cat food to be let up there’s so many cats around you hey guys that’s like better food than.

I eat it yeah there’s really domestic age he doesn’t even care well we won’t get to see the castle. But we saw some cats, and some really foul-smelling monkeys we have just arrived here in Kyoto. And So this about two, and a half hours which can you look at the map that’s actually incredible it’s like my bus now it probably takes six seven hours to get here, and we just rush through a train is.

So fast, and such a nice way to travel like the seats are so spacious, and this tutorial that’s on the train everything’s perfect about it that way should be is something similar in Canada. But anyways we’re here can you go take a look around, and check into our hotel.

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