What it’s all about to be that country here’s the big man himself. I’m all shining star. So proud of him.

I present in like 20 minutes. I am presenting in front of about a hundred people at the Travel, and photography Expo here in downtown Vancouver, and later tonight is getting ready for Thailand so much to do.

So much to do. So little time, and it is another rainy day. So it’s not very nice yeah it’s all forward for that one.

So we just got to the Convention Center, and there’s a lot less people than he expected there’s around or four people. But it will be a really good practice. Because we have a suite more conferences are going to we write like four as well, and the public for conferences.

So this is a good practice for him. I can see exactly that focus. I can see what’s going on.

And I look kind of goofy when I walk around it’s not a nice tripod setup. But people like it they feel like they’re there with me it’s a really casual setup yes look at that weather yeah.

So rainy. I’m feeling really good like my words were stringing together well like it was just like a good day where like. I was able to put together my thoughts.

And I didn’t get nervous on stage. So I was really stoked about that definitely was a much smaller crowd than. I expected there’s probably about 30 people at the most.

How to Travel in BANGKOK THAILAND Photo Gallery

But nonetheless it was great experience for when I will be speaking in front of bigger groups right after it. I brought my business cards out.

And I was networking like crazy. So introducing myself to tourism boards. I met a couple countries who actually straight upward like you better email me.

Because we want to we want to work with you like we want to send you to over to our country that is the dream guys being able to earn an income while traveling to the places you love is a pack buy supplies, and get ready for Thailand tonight we look at that whether you there’s my number one Supporter she was like handling this. I don’t. I didn’t have a slide deck but.

I had three posts that kind of told my story, and then she was the one going through the Instagram feed while. I was talking showing people my work. I didn’t realize she was doing them the entire time until after.

I killed Pete. I kept people very engaged you have one visuals. I was the visual coordinator presentation.

I thought it could eat out anymore here we are a day later getting sushi downtown, I’ll see you in. I have to go at the bus home now, and Abby has to go to a friend’s birthday party tonight get to say goodbye now yeah when you guys see her next you’ll see it’ll be a big surprise Italy be like a very large hair change like crazy like. I don’t think.

I’ve ever seen anyone go this color like no. I’ve seen you look on Instagram, and stuff. But like not really nicely by open blog five blog.

I’m gonna be editing Christian. I second blog blog, and it’s going to be going up. So make sure you subscribed yeah loving that was really hard you just got really romantic Marilla this is such an incredible feeling guys in 24 hours time.

I’m going to be on the other side of the world gonna be all the way in Southeast Asia. I won’t be able to wear a jacket like this it is going to be totally different climate this is just like the most amazing feeling about being travel bloggers like having that ability to see different sides of the world being able to break up the monotony, and travel like this is liberating it’s freeing. And I feel invigorated right now.

I’m just. So stoked sad Abby can’t come but. I’m really excited to learn from Blake.

I’m telling you guys Blake is a phenomenal postgrapher when I tell them. I look a bum would say what you know you know you need to know there’s a couple things.

I need to do before going to Thailand tonight, and that is getting myself a raincoat the weather is you know that that little uh is every single day that we are in Thailand now. I know there’s gonna be sunny breaks throughout. But it’s gonna be a gong show.

I think it’s gonna be really funny actually every single day we’re gonna have some sort of a unique storm it’s gonna be fun. I love stars. I’m just going in with the waterproof stuff here style credit please.

So I just went, and spent 150 bucks on waterproof shoes waterproof pants, and a waterproof jacket. I just can’t afford to get over there, and, I’ll be able to do what. I’m supposed to be there for.

Because of rain. So alright the final stop of the night one of the expensive costs of being a blogger that you guys probably don’t take into account is this kind of stuff the memory cards terabytes, and internal memory cards for the camera this stuff adds up quick like. I’ve probably spent about 2 grand just on memory cards, and terabytes, and 350 dollars later we’re ready for Thailand let’s go alright time to start packing.

I’m bringing some tees some maple scented candles how Canadian is that, and a little kids bathing suit we actually have a family friend who’s living in Chiang Mai. So we’re going to stop by say hello to her one day pair of relatively smelly Nike shoes. I’m bringing my brand-new dish Dewar shorts that.

I got the other day those are my pants you’re officially in the blog welcome to the blog this is Blake okay great thank you Blake is my partner in crime for the next 10 days we are going to be filming blocked us together Blake is actually a UBC film grad, and you guys will see his work speaks for itself it’s just like incredible quality. And I’m so stoked to get back in Thailand, and just change it up.

I forgot my boarding pass. I left it with the check-in lady. So we’re going to go back, and then we’ll come back to the check-in gate go through security, and then we’re on our way.

I have mine there there our friend Brock has hooked us up with this camera flakes good friend film friend this is an FF 700. So today we are flying with eastern China Airlines. And I believe their slogan is any landing is a good landing in eastern China Solly isn’t.

But yeah it’s a budget airline, and as long as we make it there as long as there’s technics is there any very content. Because all together tickets were about 700 Canadian each, and like you can’t really beat that, and it’s on things just got real well save the elephant Stacy elephant okay this monitor it’s pretty unreal actually it’s like better than what Zaheer. I’m good got a nice ambience music you feel like you’re just chillin in a Zen garden me some sesame taffy quotes up in teaching engine crash good morning blog we took a couple sleeping pills, and we woke up in Ibiza.

So appreciative it’s cool we didn’t sleep quite well, and now we are about 30 minutes away from landing in Shanghai. So I don’t quite understand the sink it’s literally at my like me level what anyone knows why the sink is. So low comment below this place is huge that just goes on forever, and it keeps going that way too this reminds me of Monsters Inc you know where all the doors are please give us your customer satisfaction survey.

So that we can dispose of it when in China at sabah i’d like to introduce you to the beast the fs700 capable of shooting 240 frames per second this is what black tusk will be filmed on. So Blake just has his Canon glass on it to 24 to 70 like it looks overwhelming there’s so many buttons Papageno no one took the exit aisle.

So we just scored ourselves some extra legroom. I think. I impress the stewardess.

I asked for the Mandarin paper reading up on current news here in Shanghai. I’m honestly shocked please put the oxygen mask on yourself Blake before your camera it’s really easy to use definitely won’t be missing any shots with this one pull it in your pocket you’re ready to shoot something slipping down the hall there a ventricular that was like a really deep it is nice, and hot like cooking hot. I don’t know a temperature.

But probably at least 30 or. So, and very humid. I can feel myself getting clammy we have touched down in Bangkok, and now we’re going to get ourselves a cab about 45 minutes setting to Bangkok if you guys are new to the blog.

I spent a whole lot of time in Thailand. So this is pretty much like a second home for me, and Blake has been here when he was younger. But this is kind of like his first trip as well that at least as an adult, and hello from Bangkok.

I’m good it’s been a long day. But we’re finally here. I have been in this airport probably at least 10 times.

So I’m very familiar with it there’s a lot of men that is the gate that Abby came out of when she met me about pull out that. I got there’s going to be about a year, and a half ago now. And I hadn’t seen her for two months it was the first time.

We’ve ever done the long-distance. I just remember that moment when she came through the gates was. So exciting although she did lose her luggage which put him down her.

But other than that it is nice, and toasty ramaa square. I do this every time. I try to get in on his side that is the driver side just underwear a 24 hour travel day including the layover in Shanghai.

So you can imagine that it feels nice to be here. We’ve got about a 45 minute taxi ride into Bangkok, and the weather it’s a bit gloomy. I’m excited.

Because I get to show up late where. I use the whole pass it’s really tasty. I’m just like you laded to be here right now the long travel day was definitely worth it the weather does not matter at all just happy to be you my love if you feel.

I gotta do right now don’t say you’re on the road to the other side double girl alright guys this is the mall right next to my university the university. I went to is right behind it right now we’re just going to the truth cafe which is the place you guys have to go get your phone set up, and amazing Wi-Fi especially occur doing photos, and posts the upload speed is phenomenal Thailand has really good internet surprisingly we’re not in Kansas anymore you know guys. So that took way longer than expected the person setting up my phone had no idea what she’s doing that’s a half an hour.

But we just booked a place using a goda, I’ll go does a great booking website if you guys are coming to Asia you can get pretty much like the best prices on hotels, and stuff. I don’t know 35 us by the way it’s cooking right now 35 us were staying in this really nice place with a infinity pool overlooking Chinatown which is perfect. Because it’s New York Olson Road which is where.

I want to show Blake tonight everything is working out really well right now. I’m just in like a fantastic mood my. I quit post just hit 200k views guys like.

I put everything. I had into that post. And So it’s a it’s just such a rewarding feeling to see it doing.

So well, and my blog the nude beach in Vancouver now at 67,000 views. I’m in a really good mood. I’m in a great mood right now.

I’m in one of my favorite places the entire world good evening what do you think it’s pretty cool pretty damn chaotic. But this is like a hub right now there is so much stuff going on there street vendors there’s like tons of jewelry stores around here till cokes one-way street full of traffic this is Thailand in a nutshell, and Frogger Bangkok edition guys we made it this is our room for 105 Canadian dollars which is like 75 yeah 75 US dollars this is where we’re staying for two nights that’s two nights for 75 us that’s like really good you know like you can see nice clean room good amenities Wi-Fi, and we’re gonna go check out the pool upstairs which is actually the main reason we booked here.

Because we want to film up there looked really cool it’s a nice look over Chinatown. And I just want to thank you guys right now we have five donors, and in total they’ve donated six hundred, and twenty US dollars to help fund black tusk that is incredible, and it’s a massive weight off my shoulders thank you so much to you guys you know exactly who you are, and those of you who did hit the 100 US dollar mark or more are going to be part of the actual credits on black tusk.

So thank you so much again you guys. I need stuffing again look at this guys how beautiful is that the Sun is setting in my favorite city hey that’s pretty good Oh what is that an already dark out in wood phileas city this is the city of color it is lit.

So after super slow motion diving we are now heading out we’re gonna go get dinner. I don’t think. We’ve eaten in like eight hours rocks insider food yeah well that doesn’t really count.

I was disgusting we had some really raunchy meals to say the least. But we’re gonna go get some really good food, and Thailand is full of it. I love Thai food you just can’t beat it it’s cheap it’s delicious the city is lit.

So this is the kind of thing. I would usually eat at is a street food place it’s just like sensory overload noises sounds colors light like you don’t know what to look at yes smells. I mean some good smells some bad smells some bad smells for sure this is what it’s about.

So happy to be here yeah let’s see here that’s our hotel right there, and we were up there shooting our time lapses when I lived in Bangkok. I had a scooter just like that one.

But in blue like identical. I paid two hundred US dollars for. And I sold it for two hundred US dollars.

So I literally got around Bangkok for about four months for free oh gee gang it all looks quite good. I think. I’m gonna get the pork that looks really good.

So he’s got seated at this really busy Chinese food place more pork, and we’re gonna get some stuff. So good what’s up guys it is like 10:30 p.m.

Right now. And I just finished my blog it’s posted if you haven’t seen it blogging Vancity 2 with the grizzly bear fight was a really good blog. I had to get the posted, and then we were going to go out go get like a bucket Blake is right there, and he’s not going to go.

So we’re going to call it a night which is a much needed thing to do the time change is real right now, and we need some sleep. So guys please leave the post big thumbs up, and let’s get lost again tomorrow for another big day here in Bangkok Thailand good night fun of the day.

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