Opt for Budget Hotel Close to Buckingham Palace

Located in Victoria, Buckingham Palace is considered to be one of the greatest symbols of London. This splendid landmark has been the official residence of the British monarch since the year 1937. Here you will find numerous private gardens where the Queen hosts summer garden parties. Finding accommodation here is not an issue as being situated in the heart of the city you can easily find a range of budget hotels near Buckingham Palace.

One thing most people get it wrong is that staying in a budget hotel in London means that you will have to compromise on the facilities and amenities that you expect during your stay in London. But the truth is that rooms of budget hotels are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and will ensure that you have a memorable stay. Most of the budget hotels in London you can find all the necessary provision to make your stay at the hotel comfortable and memorable. In these hotels you can find all kinds of rooms such as double, single as well as twin rooms. All the rooms will have a TV set, coffee/tea machine, mini bar and an attached bathroom.

Also, budget hotels near Buckingham palace are flocked by many tourists who come to the city on a short trip or by those who want to save money while enjoying a comfortable holiday in London. The best part is that the budget has amenities which are quite similar to that of the five star hotel but they do lack the luxury which is found in a highend hotel. You can also get other facilities and services in these kinds of hotels namely round the clock room service, swimming pool, gyms, restaurants and so on. A major advantage of budget hotel accommodation around the Buckingham place is that they are in close proximity to the other prominent tourist attractions and you can reach these hotspots of the city by opting for public transport or on foot.

Generally,in budget hotels, breakfast in included in the room rent meaning it comes complimentary when you book your room. In a low costing hotel you do get meals on fixed time, however if you want to extra meals then you would need to pay extra. You could alternatively also look for food outside in local restaurants or cafes. This would not only help you save money, but will also help you to explore the local cuisines.

When you lodge in to a budget hotel while holidaying in London you save on a lot of money and so you would not mind even if you have to and prolong your trip by a couple of days.This makes budget hotels in London a perfect choice for both tourist and business trips.

Many budget hotels in London even offer you good discount and deals when you opt for online booking. If this wasn’t enough you can choose a hotel that has pay as you use service this helps you to make a great saving.

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