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If you’re new to backpacking or primitive camping, it’s best to take your first trip or trips with others who are experienced in wilderness Athens travel. There are some new skills you’ll need to acquire, and learning these first-hand from others is the easiest and safest way.

If you don’t happen to have friends who can take you out and teach you the essentials, find a club or other organized outdoor group that you can go with at least a couple of times. Some organizations which sponsor wilderness trips are listed in Part II, under the Camping Resources sections for many states.
Even with experience some people continue to go with an organized group. Camping with the right group can be fun, and an added advantage is that many of the responsibilities involved are either taken care of by a leader or shared with others.

If you’ve previously spent little time in the wilderness, start with a few one-day trips before trying your first overnight trip. Make sure you enjoy a particular activity (such as hiking, canoeing, or horseback riding) and are more than minimally proficient in it before committing to an overnight trip, especially an extended one, involving the activity.

Avoid making ambitious plans at the beginning. Remember that a considerable level of fitness may be required if you expect to be physically active for as much as several days in a row. The trip is likely to be more enjoyable and successful if you’re in good shape and have a healthy reserve of stamina.

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