My way to steal your girl sweetie sweetie sweetie. I’m coming for that booty you guys are probably wondering where am I well right now we are in Kelowna which is in the Okanagan. And I’m at my buddy TJ’s place that’s DJ look at that cute little Church in that cute little home just on the peach land strip, and Abby would you mind informing us why it’s called peach land a lot of peaches yeah that’s correct yeah there’s that peaches go here.

So TJ tell us what what did you do to retire at the age of 24 you know. I got into this sticker industry when it was when it boom you know elementary school fuzzy stickers smell stickers the ones you scratch pioneer aggressive that sat back it’s been a good 69 years check it out. I got a little zip line that you can zip us off there wait.

I guess you don’t make it you’re just dropping the water area kind of like life you know you can make it a certain distance about the end of the day you’re gonna fall you can dive all right this is serious ride goals austin-healey 3000 Z Wow 5000 Marcus Chris hundred people in the BC austin-healey Club it’s a is it British then yeah oh that is the peach land tour where we going to now you don’t know give a new edition for the blog if your grade ebay is Shiva’s younger sister, and right now we’re heading reading financing look at all those peaches those look like apples that’s whiskey those peaches look like apples full Sacre time this is definitely how they kidnap people yeah follow the peaches. I’m gave you two something can Lena please honk four times that’s what the sign says that’s how you get peaches here look at those peaches Hey how much we want to be straight with me are we are we looking at chemicals any GMOs in there or is it all natural no. I mean clean.


I love it all right perfect that’s a great price thank you so much yeah the lady’s hustling we’re like yeah we’ll buy like four of them she said all right she starts filling up the bin, and Leo no that’s enough. So I put some back, and she’s all right okay now how many apricots one she starts filling up the bin with apricots, and then.

I’m like knowledge just a few. So we take some apricots, and then out of nowhere she just like grabs like a handful okay how many nectarines like she’s a businesswoman. But this was five bucks peaches were great apricots yeah pretty good the vibram bag okay.

So the winery row at apparently in 2013 was the number one white wine in the world 3d glasses for when you come in everything all the art 3d its 3d yeah these right now are pretty trippy this is the number one line from 2013 white whoops. Because the labels as we’re put upside down when they were all labeled 2013, and they’ve kept it like that ever since long this is a vegan taco bar have you ever had a vegan taco. So I’m like really confused with men you hear the MXC beef Thai red chicken buffalo chicken.

I got buffalo chicken. But there’s no animal products here. So gonna be the judge of how vegetarian meats taste like what how is that not chicken anyway they’ll see what it tastes like we got these massive nachos life’s pretty good eating at a vineyard in Kelowna.

I’ve never in my life had something. So good that was not me the chicken here tastes exactly like chicken. But it wasn’t.

I know. I’m mind blown like. I don’t know how they did it stop we are back at EJ’s place look at this view TJ.

I just stepped on a bee, and he’s like. I guess he’s super allergic. But he’s like pretty super allergic.

So hopefully he doesn’t die. But anyways he’s inside taking care of that large meaningful what’s new. I’m doing a Selena Gomez fitness hacks that Selena no it’s lawyer look at the back side of the property they’ve got an amazing winery right over there down there is a creek, and right here is big what up welcome to the blog to the beach beach beach let’s get away it’s gonna be really cool gonna be really really cool this is exactly where we were this morning we’re back.

But now we’re going swimming. I’m not excited about it cuz like. I don’t want to get like freezing cold it’s gonna be really cool this looks cinematic AF really high we’re going up sometimes you can’t feel your legs here a little bit okay what are you doing Christian this is an awful idea, and you’re really gonna get hurt talk this is a cartoon maybe decide right it wasn’t like believers.

I would’ve legs closer this is. So dangerous – please stop weird. I know me nobody wants yeah there you go nice you don’t even have to go to the jail those are really really unfortunate oh you ha.

I thought you got a gainer that’s all. I got I’d like impressive no that looks like. So strange awful it was cold it was great.

I got my thumbnail you’re getting here, and a thumbnail. So that happen look at these vibes started setting it is beautiful oh, and we just named Phil great this is the end of each line have been amazing my battery died how can I you guys will get love to get more what’s up you guys. I hope you like the blog, and it does want to be the first to know where the next adventure is make sure to go to my website lost leblanc comm sign up to the mailing list, and you will be the first to be notified where our next adventures will be taking us let’s get lost again August 1st.

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