Goodbye son have a resort amazing stay the best resort. We’ve ever been in time to go now we’re on our way to experience another Island it’s the neighboring island it’s called colemak it’s about a one hour ferry way, and we’re running a little tight as always.

So we’re heading now to our transport which will take us to the public ferry from the public ferry we got about a 1 hour ride. But we’re very fortunate Phillips head left today here, and now on to our next venture this trip is all about getting on the scooter exploring the island, and kind of finding the raw side of the island which cool Mack is a very raw Island from what. We’ve been told it’s quite rural undeveloped.

And I think there’ll be a lot of floor welcome home. I very much we just got picked up from the cool Mack here, and we’re heading through Yuanda resort the first thing. I want to do today is.

I want to read the scooter. I want to go explore the island, and get lost alright. So we just got a scooter for 200 baht a day, and we are now finally getting this done we need to go clean our laundry it’s in desperate need of cleaning to the laundromat, and then we’re going to go explore some islands explore some beautiful beaches let’s go where are we going where is it stop taking us we don’t know we’re getting off we just got our laundry done here we’re getting our gas here we got flip-flops here everything you need here at this general store laundry is going to cost us like island prices which is a little higher like 660 baht which is roughly you know 15 us a little more that’s cheaper mondriaan like.


So much fun that’s true yes that’s like $8 per persons laundry. So that’s not. So bad, and now we’re going to go snorkel mask.

I have to say. I’m really excited to be here this is like one of those islands that you can tell they’re you people have been to not that many people come here. And I think there’s just pristine beaches on all sides of it.

So let’s go check that out actually just saw a lady go by a – saying it – watch out for the box jellyfish. I guess they’re here right now in the season. And So it can be a little bit hazardous to go in the water you gotta risk it to get the biscuit, and you we got a couple of Chang beers.

I’ve had one Chang since getting to Thailand. And I love my Chung’s check this a host by the way we’re just pulling over in a random places the first place we got a glimpse of the ocean the best way to travel is to just rent a scooter, and drive in a random direction, and it feels. So nice to have done that as soon as we got to the hotel like they’ve been.

So streamlined like picking us up they got us the motorcycle, and now we’re off on an adventure it’s a bit early but I think we found one of Thailand’s hidden gem Comox is stunning, and there’s nobody here if you’re looking for that beach experience where you were just off on your own hanging out by a beautiful beach reading a book listening to music this is it Abby brought up a really good point that if you’re a backpacker, and you’re planning to take like a night bus somewhere or take the the night train it takes you like 12 hours to get self. But if you come to somewhere like here it only takes you six hours by taking the bus, and then the ferry.

So it’s actually closer than any of the southern islands, and you get that amazing removed from society feeling she has cheers to the island living looks like we got a friend hello are you uh are you from here what are your thoughts on the island what are your thoughts on the island yeah yeah peanut butter yeah walk walk walk oh yeah they speak Thai here forgot about that it was really nice just chilling one of the most pristine beaches hanging out with milk milk milk, I’ll go to the next piece hon leg let’s go find a new one full tanker divide, and conquer ah today we’re rocking on the what is the same to click on to click it’s actually efficient, and reliable tonic like. I’m going to click let’s click that like button 2000 Honda clicks on that like button let’s go hit the click let’s ride alright guys. So the roads come to an end we’re now going off-roading or as.

I like to call it as. I like to call it that’s your cue Oh what getting lost there was a fork in the road. I took the one less traveled we took the path all the way to this little.

I don’t know tiny road it became Cooper rocky, and then it brought us to this little resort which is pretty cool we’re going to stop here get a beer check out the view, and then hopefully continue to go further down komak which at this point. I don’t know what road we’d take. Because the road just ended how beautiful is this Commack is placing itself as one of my top recommendations for people looking to get away.

I’m going to have to redo my travel good in all reality this is not in my post guide. But this is actually not something. I would recommend for like a first-time backpacker for people who want to be like in the action of it all, and do what you know.

I would say most people are doing. But still have those secrets hidden in those local secrets added that’s what my travel post guide is about if you guys are coming to Thailand check out my travel post guide it’s linked down below. I put in a hundred hours into that, and it gives you everything you could possibly know, and need to know about your upcoming trip to Thailand all right time to get back on the click, and if you haven’t already click that like button we actually met a couple from Finland just in that bar there which was really cool that’s like one of the nice things about these small islands is like you really make connections quick, and we saw the under his arm he had like basically an entire rash slash it wasn’t even a rash she was like a full-on like skin was missing on he tried to climb a coconut tree he slipped, and apparently the entire chest is the exact same didn’t look fun if things come to those who wander, and look where we wandered this is under construction hotel it actually looks like it’ll be pretty nice like nice little village on water we’re just getting lost you know what.

I mean my radar my fun radar is going BP BP BP it means like. I’m near fun this place is fun do you think this is cool it’s cool going to islands like this. Because you can find things that like no one’s that, and it has like Philippines feel to it yeah this actually reminds me a lot of Mac palm being like a beautiful mountain here not quite as pretty.

But you’re dressing up next could. I be your sanity a couple of local dogs are barking at us down here, and investigate hey you’re gonna bite anybody here freeze okay you need yeah. But seeing cleaning succeed oh hey Matilda friend not foes very good hello where’s the funny.

So I did like a quick turn well a quick. But the back tire like slid out Abby fell off the bike we were going fast if you’ve not been to a beach like this before where you have it to yourself definitely try it out it requires that you go off the beaten path it requires that you try the islands that are typically not visited, and it’s not something you’re interested in doing there’s a horse down there. I like horses if that’s something you’re interested in doing Commack has definitely been the place to come.

I mean it’s not that far from Bangkok if you want to get here about a five hour bus ride followed by a one-hour fairy good selection of hotels everything from the low end to the mid to the sort of high. And I think this could be a relatively up incoming place. I mean in the meantime it’s pretty low this is the high season, and yet.

I feel like. I’m on a sleeper Island. And I hope that doesn’t change it’s always nice to have those getaway Islands Thailand continues to take my breath away.

I just can’t get over that there’s such a vast you know amount of islands that can offer such incredible diverse experiences a huge thank you to all of you guys who have supported me by buying the Travel Guide to Thailand it’s been incredible. We’ve had more than a thousand people sign up we have had incredible feedback for the guy, and you guys are literally the thing that allows us to keep making posts like this a lot of youtubers have been talking about the change on my blog recently. And I’ve actually had a couple of you guys ask how.

I’m doing with it what’s happening is advertisers who were advertising on my blog big name companies like Walmart Pepsi coca-cola multi multi-million dollar spending clients to my blog are now leaving my blog in the masses, and it’s not just them the problem was my blog was playing these big name companies ads in front of my blog posts that did not reflect the company’s viewpoints, and this led to a lot of them now leaving, and unfortunately this doesn’t just affect my blog this affects all the content creators on the platform. And I have some friends who basically are faring a very tough time right now they’re at a crossroad where they’re trying to make my blog work, and they’re not sure if they’re going to have to hang their hats or if they’re going to get through this tough time. Because what that means is the monthly paycheck that we all get from my blog for ad revenue has decreased significantly gently about 50% for some people to respond to the questions of how it’s affecting me it’s definitely a challenge of like for any creator.

But one thing that. I’ve been very glad. I’ve done early on in the game is.

I’ve worked to diversify my revenue stream some of the ways that. I’ve earned income is affiliate linking some ways through my blog ad revenue, and some ways through client work, and a few other revenue streams too. So I have to say that yes this is not an easy time for a lot of content creators, and yes it is affecting my pocket too.

I have high operating costs, and when things like my ad revenue decrease it does affect me it’s not going to break me from continuing to do what. I do a lot of the success. I attribute to you guys.

Because you have supported the blog in. So many different ways, and again Abby. And I do not say this enough.

But we’re so thankful to have you whenever you guys leave a like whenever you comment it means so much to us, and you were the reason that we’re able to keep this blog going even when my blog has a bit of a downturn we’re always going to be around we’re always going to keep fighting for it even when things get hard.

And I thank you for the people who have gone as far as buying the Travel Guide the Travel Guide is another way that we’re able to sustain the blog, and keep things going. So a massive thank you to you guys. I really really appreciate it.

I love nights like this just getting lost exploring for myself seeing new things sharing the experience with best friends she’s reading that. But it’s a nice place to watch Netflix reading slide look at how sexy this bike looks right now a few hundred baht we got a screaming deal here if. I keep it up the Firefly he’s going yes we are back at the Londo Resort, and some dinner just got back to the room let me show you around real quick you guys out on the road you got your coffee you’ve got a nice little workstation which.

I got to use tonight, and next ed favorite thing of the entire resort zone if you go where it’s room to our post ever Abby say hi yeah this place is really nice it’s five minutes away from the pier it’s got an amazing pool amazing AC rooms, and all that good stuff that you need when you’re traveling. I just feel like. I’m home here to the company it has been a very full day.

So guys go ahead, and click that like button, and let’s go off again tomorrow.

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