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Under certain conditions, bulletand shotgun blastwill bounce off the bonnet or roof of a car and hit a target above and beyond the car.

Finally, remember carare full of petrol, and you don’t want to be there if the petrol tank catchefire.

If you are shot, clamp a hand over the wound to stop any blood flow. If necessary stick your finger in the hole to stop the blood flow. When it all goequiet and you know you are safe, call for help.

In grenade attacks, if you have the chance and a choice, dive for the nearest cover, putting it between you and the grenade.

If no shelter iavailable, dive flat on the ground with your feet nearest the grenade and head furthest away. In that way your head, chest and vital organare protected by the meat and bone in your feet, legs, ankleand bum.

If possible consider holding your armcrossed over your chest to protect vital organfrom stray shrapnel.

Hijack 01 hostage

There ino standard hijack or hostage situation. They are all different, but there are some thingto bear in mind.

Hijack or hostage – countermeasures

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• We have already covered passport details. You should review what detailyou have in your passport. You should be aware that in a hijacking or hostage situation terroristhave been known to check passportand use passport detailto select people to threaten or kill. Lord BigginCabinet Minister imore likely to be selected than Fred Bigginwho ia librarian! You have to choose what detailyou put in your passport.

• Remember that the terroristare probably looking for somebody to use aan example. You may have already changed your passport to protect yourself, but make sure that you do nothing that will make you stand out. In the absence of anything else, they may select the noisy hostage, or the one who continually complains.

Governmentdo not like making concessionto terrorists. If they do, there will be more hijackingand hostagetaken in future because the terroristknow that that government will meet their demandSome governmentare willing to negotiate, but the government in whose territory the incident haoccurred will make decisionon how the incident iended.

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