Today has been a bit of a unique start to the day Abby woke up to a very unfortunate text message she’s lost a very close family member you guys have met him along the way if you’ve been reading the blog for a while Disney her very very large cat unfortunately was put down last night he’s been sick for the past couple of days.

And So of course it’s never easy losing a family member. And So Abby’s feeling a little bit somber today he lived the full life, and Disney you will be missed she says he didn’t live a full life he looked halfway through convention Sunday we feel like yeah good luck. But oh just turn off my coded again IP yeah the churches went from blue to purple, and you like coming in it so.

We’ve just arrived at beyond that yeah that’s what it’s called it’s a design hotel here in Pattaya definitely the funkiest of the rooms. We’ve had they wrapped up by yourself oh my god music bites the lady welcome to Pattaya about two hours two, and a half hours down from Bangkok we’re only here for one night we’re leaving first thing in the morning to bring you guys somewhere a little more tropical. But this is something that.

I’m excited to explore a little bit just the side street next to the hotel we’re going to walk down to the beach. I forgot my sunglasses Roger style let’s go Abby make your way through traffic we press the pedestrian signal. But it like wasn’t doing anything.

THAILANDS MOST INCREDIBLE TEMPLE – Sanctuary of Truth Photo Gallery

And I don’t think it’s probably ever working what’s up dude. I’ve already going Oh hold on nothing oh yeah yeah palm tree the palm tree is the beach in Pattaya as you can see Pattaya is very densely crowded with high-rises hotels resorts it’s a really popular tourist town some of the biggest attractions in Pattaya are things like waterpark, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not show. So it is definitely teetering on the very touristy end we’re going to go to what’s known as the sanctuary of truth as my amigo how are you doing.

I’m good feel refreshed then discuss them Abby how cool for you to being a child maybe the past good to see. We’ve gotten more lenient over the years like yeah you can’t wear that you can’t wear that you can’t oh wait never mind yeah that’s okay it’s okay it’s shorter okay he’s okay okay. So I’m a little concerned.

Because back there is a giant gray wall of oncoming rain, and we just paid five hundred baht per person. And I don’t mind that but. I’m not going to be happy if we get there as soon as it starts to pour.

So I can’t get some shots it looks like a beautiful temple not like shot shots like look at all those chickens. So I was just saying Christian should ask for this post that if you’re a girl the easiest thing to do is just bring too strong one you can put on your shoulders, and then one you can put on your shorts. Because this kind of heat.

So that’s option other than having to put on like a clutter for like long pants reason you have this note of respect. So women have to have their shoulders, and knees right over there they’re just blasting biggie welcome to the sanctuary of truth y’all look at that golden tree of truth all right. So you got to go down here to get to the temple watch your step oh my gosh where my leg just kidding it’s a joke why do you need a helmet for gear during construction that’s.

So funny okay cap. We’ve just been given our hard hats to come into the temple that’s when you know it’s real oh we won’t let a little hard hat, and construction get in the way of our enjoyment this could be bad oh the rains coming oh my good Heaven Gary look what you’ve done with yourself you’re looking wonderful these days Gary hello oh my you’re beautiful aren’t you you’re a looker girls at Coachella be like Larry Jerry this is not like a bit of renovations it’s like we’re rebuilding the temple right now. But come on in.

I can hear thunder oh this could be problematic are looking good going to be stranded here there’s definitely no leaving now we’re about to be completely surrounded by rain clouds thunder lightning explosions tornadoes all the above. But this is a pretty cool place to be if you’re going to be stuck in a storm. So it seems to be a common theme in Buddhist temple that the center point of the temple is holiest, and that’s where they have like a bit of a raised little area, and there’s a sign as you can’t wear your shoes there.

I’ve been to one in Myanmar where it actually said you’re not allowed to be in here if you’re a woman, and you’re during you’re here during your period during your. I guess is that it called a gestation serious okay if you’re here anyways if you’re on your period, and Oh definitely one of the coolest if not the coolest temple. I’ve ever seen.

I really love how it’s just all wood you can see how much detail has been put into the carvings here it’s not like separate carvings like this it looks like one giant cohesive piece of wood crazy the amount of work that has gone into this this is something that. I love about Thailand is the architecture they have such a diverse, and unique look there’s not many countries that stand out as like being totally different but I say you know Japan is one of them in Thailand is another where.

I’ve seen that they just do things in a completely different way than the rest of the world. And I think one of the ways they show it is the architecture here it’s truly one-of-a-kind hey why did you cross the road right now we’re doing a live stream guys make sure you follow me on Instagram this is where. I do all my live work here some there on that idea on the blog check out that simple why did you guys cross the road no those aren’t chickens those are definitely like there are many ostriches my gosh look at all these things.

So just next to the temple they’ve got a mini zoo with all these little mini ostriches bringing outgoing stuff that’s nonsense aside. So does that sound understand that’s instance else yeah yeah ah homie no. I’m not joking that was that’s Bambi come with me to the island, I’ll show you a better life alright guys.

So we have just gotten back we took an uber back to our hotel we’re p.m. at the AMA this massive blue tower, and now we’re going to show you something.

I’m pretty excited to check out for myself it has one of the tallest infinity pool in all island Pegu we’re still on the live stream right now Wow still pretty cool hello oh my god it’s actually kind of cool that storms rolling in, and we get to see it from here wakey-wakey Janet’s out again watch before Elanna knows it’s pretty bad this is our movie theater right now that window right there you’ll see lightning striking down we’re from Vancouver, and we don’t have enough humidities to get thunderstorms. So whenever we get them. I get.

So excited like. I grew up in east coast of Canada where in the certain parts of the year you guess under storm can. I just love it.

I love being surrounded by chaos, and like feeling nestled up that’s what. I have right now is well it’s pretty awesome hello strawberries you still from all right guys it has been a really short day in Pattaya but I hope we gave you a bit of a snippet of what it has to offer one thing that we’re neglecting is the nightlife Pattaya is a great place to go it can also be a bit of a sketchy place to go out this is definitely a city with a bit of a dark side if you go out into certain areas you will find tons of prostitution now this is also a massive City, and there’s a lot to see a lot to do you can certainly go out in Pattaya have a great time, and not have to deal with that side of things in any case.

I always recommend you do a little bit of your own research before coming to a place. And I think you can have a great time anywhere you go. We’ve definitely had a great day here of Josiah.

And I’m going to end the blog here without further ado let’s go up again tomorrow Oh.

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