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Ford, Honda, Toyota… Airstream? If you’re like most people, then you’re probably familiar with the major brands of vehicles sold in the United States. However, most vehicle manufacturers don’t even come close to producing the kinds of vehicles that are needed for a true vacation, and that’s where specialty travel trailers enter the picture. If you’ve wanted to enjoy a very different kind of vacation, then pay attention – this will help you.


A Travel Trailer is a unit that can be attached to the rear of another vehicle, generally an SUV or truck of some kind, that operates as a fully-functional home with all of the basic necessities. The main difference between Travel Trailers and Motorhomes is the ability to detach from the unit – a true Motorhome is a complete vehicle in its own right, rather than an attachment, which reduces the overall flexibility you have.

Travel Trailers usually house between four and eight people at maximum capacity, making them suitable for most families as long as you can stand living that close to each other. Even the smallest units will come with a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area, and a bedroom – as well as plenty of storage for everything you’re bringing along.

The main benefit of a travel trailer is comfort – most of its functions can be duplicated with the right equipment (tents, inflatable mattresses, grills, etc.), but a proper travel trailer is a portable hotel room that offers added comfort and security to any trip.


Personally, we recommend talking with people like the Airstream Dealers Utah residents tend to visit. Why Utah? Simple – they have lots of open space, and it’s much more convenient to bring along everything you need. However, there is a reason to talk to a dealer – they can help you pinpoint your needs and desires, then show you a travel trailer that matches your needs. For example, if you and your significant other are the only ones going on the trip, then you’ll probably find that the smallest Travel Trailer is more than sufficient for your needs. If you have a family, though, you’ll want a unit that makes everyone happy.

Think about the Travel Trailers Salt Lake City residents might choose – putting yourself into someone else’s mindset is a good way to recognize things you might normally overlook. You’ll need space for everyone, a good mixture of refrigerated and room-temperature foods, and space for all of your daily necessities. You’ll also need a vehicle to pull the trailer itself, though powering it generally isn’t an issue – Travel Trailers are built with their own power supply and usually have a way to recharge away from home.


Travel Trailers may be mobile rooms, but they’ll still need the occasional tune-up or repair job. Make sure you have access to a reputable dealer that can take care of things for you – especially when it comes to the air conditioning, electrical systems, and power supply for the unit.

The Airstream Dealers Utah residents trust most include the Travel Trailers Salt Lake City residents need to truly enjoy their vacations.

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