Oh. I give you el nido you will see more of it today we’re doing Toure which we did last year as well. But it’s just.

So stunning we’re going to do it again this is the exact reason you put up with El Ninos horrible accommodation. I’m in a bit quietly yep texting, and walking it’s a hazard alright guys so. We’ve just started to or a what do you think more hours a look at today how is it looking today.

Because the weather absolutely. So the weather forecasts into the next seven days it’s nothing. But clouds storm thunder lightning tornadoes there’s those tornadoes.

But like just terrible weather. But luckily we woke up this morning, and we jumped on the opportunity to do the island tour. Because it’s holding up really nicely all right this is our first stop what’s this one called the seven command Beach sorry what’s the beach cold maybe all right guys it is our first time ever flying the wild turkey oh yeah let’s get her in the skies, and hopefully she works cuz we’re in El Nido there’s no replacements over here he sounds different he makes the different noise Wow he’s will help if successfully connected him let’s get them into the atmosphere oh.

I’m doing it this time it needs this. I can’t do it now oh here we are enjoying the most beautiful place in the world. And I can’t take my drone off it needs a system update, and of course good luck updating when you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s not possible to update the firmware, and it won’t let me take off without having my system updated how do we keep optimistic in difficult times Abby we sing the fun song how are we dance yeah look moving forward nothing.


But smiles we’re going to go for a swim now we just got some circles, and let’s check out the highlights of Toure this is small Lagoon we’re just going to swim through there, and you’ll see in the second after an amazing little swim through a small Lagoon masterchef showed up got a giant fish Abby’s gonna love that look you got your goggle mark oh my gosh anyways this is an ice cream boat it’s solar-powered looking up for the environment oh. I scream for ice cream see you later we’re going back out into the ocean. And So I’m going to use that chance to try to get the software working on my drone fingers are.

So crossed how’s your day boy it’s so good. I could feel nice for you lovely goodbye small Lagoon just one year ago taking a dip in that water a couple pounds lighter.

But just as happy alright. I’m talking about me last upgrade update of the system Abby. We’ve arrived alright guys.

So I’m gonna swim to shore here. But don’t have any water casing. So, I’ll have to carry this above my head this here is secret Lagoon well this isn’t secret Lagoon that is secret Lagoon everyone’s waiting in line to go into the lagoon it’s not worth the line the secret definitely got out it almost gives the illusion that you’re the only one here, and that illusion is gone you.

I hate to be negative. But like it’s so challenging for me Abby.

And I were. So lucky to have seen El Nido before a lot has changed for example this whole area last time we were here was to ourselves we made the experience a lot more authentic feeling, and today. I’ve been struggling with the drone nonetheless El Nido is just one of the most beautiful places, and that’s why it’s only going to get busier, and busier every year.

So Abby. And I again just fortunate to have seen it before it became. So touristy we have to go off for a while, and yeah areas to find good things can you good night we tried to do this last year Christian thought it was a cool shot.

I was like Christian this doesn’t look cool Oh lady let me take Oh as disappears disappears Oh Abby have my briefing all right Abby lead us jump off the front are there any coolers coming up yeah we’re ready up crystal clear water blue skies just you got $4,000 Noah doesn’t wanna be here with you you Oh you the entire system. I read downloaded the app off the worlds where it’s Wi-Fi, and Tran. But it works now this is big Lagoon oh yeah it looks like Mary you Oh you they lie we started the day off on a bit of a rougher note we turn things around, and the end of our trip was amazing we had the last few destinations pretty much to ourselves.

I was able to get some amazing shots, and that one spot where. I was like diving around with Abby with a GoPro that’s like my favorite thing to do is just find crystal-clear water, and just like swim around. So for me we ended off on a super positive note what do you think Lera yeah yeah everyone thinks but.

I’m time dive dive house reading dive dive dive don’t die die die woman don’t mind me just on my private balcony shared with multiple other units let me show you the crib we got that LCD plasma screens. But a 22 inch we got that night one night you got that blue pillow double bed a couple of a view of the ocean what up we got that table. So you can entertain guests what’s in here ah yeah the light doesn’t even work in here what a perfect for when you want to shower in the dark there’s also mosquitoes.

I beat here in rock-paper-scissors. So shits go get the Wi-Fi password so. We’ve been back about an hour, and a half maybe an hour.

I’ve done a bit of editing almost got a blog ready to post now the only thing will stop me is Wi-Fi modern things Jagadish looking for hey this is the view here that’s really nice Asian. I should time loves this at the end of the time-lapse look at that sky, I’ll are, I’ll tell the friends that you say take the golden prick you spit just left Abby at the hotel room. And I’m meeting up with a few friends.

We’ve met on the boat today while doing the tour a gonna get some pizza some beers, and see where the night takes us wow it is. So beautiful oh the pizza place yeah welcome to the blog Heidi they’re from Canada. So they’re from like inland Vancouver, and they’re here all the way, and, I’ll eat up tomorrow hopefully they’ll be joining us in knock upon which is my favorite beach.

I’ve ever seen. So let’s hope it’s still the same as when we were here last year why are you. So small why are you.

So big. So hiding Jackson are also from British Columbia which is the province floor. And I live in.

We’ve been in contact kind of on, and off over the past few months. Because they’re also traveling through Southeast Asia they’ve been around Southeast Asia for the past five months, and they actually really cool Instagram feed. So, I’ll link that down below if you guys want to take a look at their photos nope nope nope nope nope nope this is the end of the blog for the day let’s get up early tomorrow morning, and let’s get lost again tomorrow together good night um oh the day yay take the golden prank you’re sped up on this trip no beauty.

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