Ready fire aah morning guys at 7:00 in the morning tend to say goodbye to sunshine Lodge it’s been such a great stay.

But it’s time to go. So another activity has fallen through it almost seems like a joke at this point as you can see here the snow is in full swing like basically there’s pretty much a blizzard going on further down the mountain for that reason they had to cancel one of my favorite activities of all time which is the helicopter ride all. I can say now is.

I hope the second activity does not fall through all right. So I want to introduce you to team Snowden that’s a bear with all of us right now we’re pretty much running on well for me four hours of sleep. I don’t know everyone’s kind of tired right now pretty early guys is George, and Amy edible dating books yeah melted ideas – it was much better than my problems for the stop.

And I have another book account as well yes Kirsten, and SIA, and they blog is help Scott to the globe in an adventure time you’re living, and you got a table, and very very talented photographer, and ready yeah this is like something out of a fairy tale the flight was canceled there was no hope, and then all of a sudden there’s nothing. But beautiful blue skies now, and a flight has been put back on thank you mother nature the Sun. So logs it’s been fun memory yellow in the Sun – morning morning how’s it going good let’s get a get on that road.

We’ve heard word of mouth in other words just else that the road may be closing in 15 minutes, and we need to get on that road before it does closed otherwise again we won’t be able to go in the helicopter eyes. But what do you think Jess we have time to make it we’re going to make it we’re going to make it jeff has shown us the secret spot here we’re going to be shooting a time-lapse everything secret with Jeff shows us was this is probably the most well known location in the Rockies. I’m such a sunshine person like if there’s no Sun.


I feel it inside, and like now that the Sun is out. I just. I’m in such a good mood the other influencers who are on the trip with us they’re stuck right now in the parking lot.

I guess the snow machine block them in by pushing all the snow near their car. And So if they don’t get out of there soon they’re actually gonna be trapped in there. Because they set off dynamite to actually intentionally trigger avalanches.

So that roadway could be closed fairly soon well guys welcome to Rockies heli Canada where we’re going to be taking our helicopter we have our group assembled right now, and we’re headed towards helicopter there’s. I think six of us in earnest you have five of us, and ours we got a full complement of us, and the other, and we’re going to go snowshoeing, and apparently the guy said that when we get a little helicopter we’re going to be up to our like shoulders was it our shoulders our waist oh it looks like. I’m going to be up to our like shoulders, and snow.

So the day that was supposed to happen. I think last night it snowed about seven inches or like 21 centimeters you can see right now Amy’s like up to her knees, and snow that is just straight powder, and this is out where nobody comes this is oh my god yeah pack down nice thank you so much.

So now the real adventures begin we’re getting our snowshoes. So about 20 minutes later we’re in the middle of the Rockies, and you can see why the snow that nobody comes here. So the closest landmark is Mount a suitable, and let’s say that right okay great this is so amazing you guys like. I understand why people backcountry ski. Because these are the places you can get to like doing that kind of sport.

But I’d rather take a helicopter look like just such a cool shot yeah beautiful beautiful photos here. So awesome thank you all right guys. We’ve lost the group, and honestly it’s only.

Because of my natural tracking skills that we will be able to find that my instincts say we should keep going that way okay. I need your help. I actually cannot get up without you.

I’m not even joking either the powder is. So thick. And So deep that’s teamwork holy this is like actually heaven like this is.

I feel like this is what like the snow version of heaven would be like. I cannot even joking alright we’re going to hop the people whole team in my only guess is to go this way please use the wrong direction we might never see them again when life is. So good it’s like it can only go downhill from here that’s what we said on the last helicopter trip through Vancouver which was truly beautiful now.

I have something to disclose we are actually not in Alberta right now we’re in DC British Columbia where we live keep it between us. I’m ready for the stars. But hot chocolate cool just drag it off on this is like a behind-the-scenes how we all became successful on my blog the V star you just killed mother nature.

And I have a hair grow, and it it’s beautiful oh yeah it’s hot order. We’ve got from minus 20, and Emma’s into t-shirt weather. So right now we’re going where no man has gone before except yeah cuz Jeff was just here a second ago making her own tracks it’s kind of a metaphor of life you know take the path less traveled everyone following Jeff Travis yes for provide my name is Jeff Jeff point is it could be a little slipper here.

But we’re going back to the helicopter right now, and we’re going on a really sad world you know Hill. But this has been on Rails. I couldn’t recommend what we’re doing more.

I’m probably whoa. I only have you, and then you help her [Laughter] Oh finally you my honey. So this is only half of the day.

But we have so much incredible footage but I actually want to end the post right about here.

So without further ado guys if you enjoyed it please hit the post a big thumbs up hit subscribe, and make sure to tune in tomorrow for the next big post not going to tell you what we’re doing. But there’s Huskies there’s sleds there’s snow it may be time let’s get lost again tomorrow good day you.

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